Last Tuesday I had a ‘Day Off’. Unfortunately this didn’t involve a duvet day, a spa, or a mammoth shopping trip. Instead I drove 150 miles – and spent about 5 hours in the car doing so, thanks to road works, closed roads, a police census and horseboxes travelling at 30mph – all so I could visit my Dad (an early Father’s Day visit) and my 104 year old Gran who I don’t see as often as I like.

Despite the time spent travelling I had a brilliant day. I was all by myself in the car so I could listen to my own eclectic selection of music instead of The Wheels on the Bus CD! I didn’t have to play ‘I spy something green…..’ or spot tractors – instead I could just enjoy the beautiful Cotswold countryside. I was able to enjoy a proper grown-up lunch with wine and un-interrupted adult conversation with my Dad – a rarity indeed these days. I even got to just sit with a cup of tea staring at the birds in the garden.

But what I also escaped from was the housework, the phone ringing, my emails, watching the clock and working out who needs picking up and taking where; all the many simple, but routine tasks which usually measure out my day. And because of this it freed up some ‘head space’ – my mind was free to ponder and roam, something that in the increasingly busy life I find myself leading just never happens.

So when I finally arrived home, yes I was tired, but also refreshed…..maybe a change in routine IS all you need to recharge the batteries once in a while.

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