dress for successNow that I work from home my wardrobe of ‘work clothes’ consists of jeans, jogging bottoms and pyjamas – not a dress in sight!  This is in sharp contrast to the vast array of trouser suits and shirts I wore to the office before I had children. So now, when I go to networking meetings or to meet with potential sponsors, I face a dilemma about what to wear. I want to look professional and businesslike – but I no longer feel comfortable in (or can fit into!) the suits of days gone by. So what is the dress code for a work at home mum?

Image consultant Penny Gregory helps women to dress to look great and feel fabulous every day. ‘When you run your own business, you ARE the business,’ says Penny. ‘In the words of the famous aviator, Anne Morrow Lindbergh, “The most exhausting thing you can be is inauthentic”. So why not just be yourself? Make the most of yourself and let that shine through into your business.’



Here are some tips to help you dress to feel comfortable and confident when you work from home:

1.  Do not feel you must ‘conform’ to a dress code

2.  Wear clothes which flatter your figure

3.  Choose styles which reflect your personality

4.  Wear colours that flatter you – you will instantly look healthier and more vibrant

5.  Make use of colour psychology – wearing different colours can promote difference reactions in your clients/audience

6.  Build up a capsule wardrobe for work – several garments which can be mixed and matched to provide lots of outfits

7.  Wear one or two pieces of bold or eye catching jewellery or use texture and pattern to create a little individuality

8.  Be yourself – you will feel more confident and your customers will respond to that

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