how they started

How they started, Global Brands  was published in 2009 and looks at some of the biggest global brands in the world today.

One of the most striking things I noticed was that almost without exception all the brands featured were ones that I buy, use, eat at, or have in my home somewhere – from Pizza Hut to ebay and Coca-Cola to Google these really are the biggest brands of all that really do dominate the global economy.

Each brand has its own dedicated chapter, which follows roughly the same pattern – start up, growth and the story now.  However, the journey that each went through is completely different.  It charts the progress from the first idea, to choosing a brand name, how the business was funded, the expansion to the global market place, what happened when things went wrong, and what the founders view as the key to their success in their particular field.

There is a massive diversity in this book, and an interesting insight into to how some of the worlds most known names started, as all great ideas do, from an individual with a vision, and then the determination to succeed.  An interesting read which should encourage anyone to persevere as it might just be them in the next edition!

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