Don’t tell the ‘parent police’ but I let my son have chocolate buttons on toast for breakfast on his birthday. I joked with a friend that I had been a ‘bad mummy’, but actually when I thought a little more about it I decided I had probably been the opposite: a good mummy.

good mummy

Who ate all the chocolate? by Shutterstock

As parents we spend hours racked with guilt and analysing if our children are eating properly, have they had their five a day, are they learning appropriate social skills, is their educational development on track, are they being active enough, have they brushed their teeth properly, are they having enough creative opportunities, should they be learning a musical instrument or a second language…..and so the list goes on.

This is only heightened by the constant barrage of pressure and calls to action from the media, the government, relatives and worst of all other parents. I am not suggesting that as a parent we do not take our responsibilities seriously, but that we also allow for fun and treats. These special treats and occasions are ones which both you and your child remember, and build strong bonds within a family.  Children learn from their parents, and I want mine to learn that although I wear the ‘responsible hat’ I can also ignore the ‘rules’ and throw some caution to the wind occasionally.

Other recent ‘good mummy’ moments in our house have included me staying in bed till 10am (I was actually working on my laptop) whilst children were watching TV downstairs, and allowing my youngest son to dig a hole, make a mud pit and sit in it for an hour like a hippo!

Have you got a ‘good mummy’ story to share?  Please do – I need some more ideas for the next time I decide to be an irresponsible parent but a good mummy!

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