We recently posted a blog post, “From Mummy to Yummy in half the time!”, in which Tanith Carey, the author of “How to be an Amazing Mum…” shared some quick tips on how to look your best when the clock is ticking.  Having read the whole of Tanith’s fabulous book of time-saving tips from cover to cover, we can now give you a few more reasons why this book may be just what you have been searching for to help you find a few more hours in each day! 

Tanith’s book deals with the most common cry from mothers everywhere of ‘I just haven’t got time…….’ and focuses on 10 of the most common time hungry tasks we have to juggle as working mums. The book is written in a very friendly and straight forward manner, but also manages to remain light hearted and humorous. There is a distinct feel that all the suggestions have been implemented personally by the author, and with success! However there is not a one size fits all attitude as Tanith explains in her introduction, ‘Some ideas will apply to your life and other won’t. Dip in and out and try a few at a time. ‘

Part 1 looks at how to keep your home & children under control. Like many great books there is nothing radical and nothing complicated – just lots of practical and straightforward ideas. I like the style of this book because it is similar to talking to my friends; it is like hearing how other people manage things, and being given ‘permission’ almost to cut corners, make things simple and just to focus on the important things. There is a good mixture of advice – some is simple and straight forward and will have instant results, while other ideas are about changing your perspective on ‘the bigger picture’, and implementing ‘systems’ that in the long run will pay dividends.

In the chapters dealing with ‘child management’ there is a lovely balance of sound parenting advice, discipline and also knowing when to relax a little, for the sake of your children and your sanity! It recognises how tough consistent parenting can be, and ‘The Seven Most Likely Sins of Harassed Parents’ is very accurate. It talks about some of the most common adult reactions to children’s behaviour but then explains why that isn’t the best approach and offers a Time saving solution

I love the fact that part 2 is devoted to you – the mummy. Often the last on our own to-do lists we tend to always be the last to eat, get dressed, sleep, relax, go out ….and so the list goes on!  This section of the book looks at 4 of the most common areas we neglect – beauty, clothes, body image and time for you and your partner. In the clothes section there are no niceties about ‘jelly belly’ just ways to deal with & disguise it!

More than anything else, when life is sweeping you off your feet, your to-do list is getting longer and you can’t see up from down I think it is really worth reminding yourself what is important: your children. ‘There is no perfectly prepared meal, no freshly ironed outfit or spotless kitchen floor that can replace the hours and minutes you spend with them.’

I have a feeling this may be a very popular addition to our Business Book Library!