BIC041I currently find myself  in the enviable position of having both my children at school, and having gone through a period of ‘mourning’ at losing my babies, the day is my own to fill as I wish. When I was a stay at home mum most days had a vague routine of naps and feeds interspersed with activities – staying in, going to groups, visiting friends and fitting in the shopping, washing, cleaning as and when I could. Now my day has a clearly defined structure; 9am – 3pm are child free hours – free from routine and demands, for me to fill as I wish!

When I was at home full time with the children I was happy to let HH (Helpful Husband) take over the reins as soon as he came in from work.  However, now my ‘babies’ have been gone all day this is my golden time too– hence my 3-6 laptop challenge where I am endeavouring to keep the laptop switched off between 3-6pm.  Having made that pledge I equally don’t want to be filling that time with shopping and cleaning.

So my next challenge is to make everything else fit into school hours. That should be easy – I’ve never had so much time before. However I am someone who can be prone to prevarication, distraction and the most sophisticated of avoidance tactics when I want to. There is a danger that with what appears like so much time it will slip away unproductively and I will still feel like I’ve rushed around all week but not actually achieved what I set out to do.

To counteract this I have decided to try and set myself a ‘timetable’ so that I remain focused on all the many things I need to do.  I am going to try to have set ‘work hours’ and be more disciplined about what I need to do during that time. However, I also plan to have times when I catch up with home based tasks so that I am not trying to fit it in when the children are home. A third element in all of this is me. I am going to make a concerted effort to ensure that there is time for me to go for a swim, catch up with friends, and ring my Dad without the sound of CBeebies in the background.

I still haven’t decided which is the best way to organise this…..a bit of everything every day….or whole days set aside for the different elements. It will probably be a combination of both as I am not too keen on rigid routine, and there will obviously need to be an element of flexibility.  So mum’s new timetable is still work-in-progress. So help me out. How do you organise your days? Do you have set work/housework days, or set hours for these each day? Or is your schedule chaotic and non-existant? I’d love to hear.