Up until 6 months ago I really didn’t ‘get’ blogging. Everywhere I turned I was being told that I should have a blog for my business. But in my mind a blog was just a very public diary and I had no idea how that could translate to the business world. Then in April Irene Houston, an online business trainer, came and spoke at one of our meetings about blogs. She explained that a blog, kept up to date with lots of fresh content, would drive traffic and support a more static business website, thus helping your SEO ratings. PING! The lightbulb in my head lit up – and I ‘got it’.

Days later our blog was up and running, albeit in a very basic form. Pressing the ‘Publish’ button on that first blog post was a scary moment – my ‘words’ were suddenly out there in cyberspace for anyone to read. But would anyone read it? I had no idea.

Irene had said that ideally a business blog should be updated at least 3 times a week. It seemed like a lot of work. What would we write about? But thankfully with two of us contributing to the blog, one of us has generally always got something to say! We also have lots of great members and contacts whose knowledge we can draw on to provide us with guest blogs, which helps to relieve the pressure and gets us out of a hole if we do happen to suffer from Bloggers Block!

And happily I have found the discipline of writing the business blog has unleashed the creative writer within. So much so, that I have, waiting in the wings, a personal blog, as some of these new ideas for posts don’t necessarily fit the audience or the tone of Mum’s the Blog. But the crazy thing is, I’m more nervous about writing for this second blog because a) this one will be pure, unadultered ME  and b) I’m scared that once I start, I really won’t be able to stop!

There is something really quite addictive about blogging. It is the writing equivalent of Pringles – once you pop you can’t stop! For aspiring or frustrated writers, having a blog is an immediate window for your creativity, and an opportunity to communicate directly with an audience. It gives you a platform to express your views, your frustrations, you failures and your successes. It allows you to record, for posterity, little snippets of daily life that are all too easily forgotten, to reminisce and to rant. And sometimes, along the way, you succeed in entertaining, amusing or inspiring your readers – which is both a joy and a privilege, as well as a huge incentive to do it all over again.

So, for anyone thinking of dipping their toe in the water, beware – blogging may take over your life. Everywhere you go and everything you do will be potential material for a post. So you’d better start carrying a notepad and pen around with you wherever you go!

And for those of you who are already hooked, what do you enjoy most about blogging? The fame, the freebies, the freedom or the just the fun? Do you find it easy to fit in your daily fix? And do you ever see yourself running out of inspiration?