Time management for Manic mums – don’t we all need a bit of this?

Every mum I know wants some help with time management, and  would love to be given an extra hour in the day – either for all the things they haven’t done – or just for themselves. This book just may have the answer, and If the title didn’t grab your attention then the bright pink & orange colour scheme on the cover certainly would!

One of my first thoughts was – if I was manic how would I find time to read this book?  Well the answer comes in the Introduction where that very point is addressed; Allison offers several suggestions, including a technique to speed up your reading.  The book has been organised to be read in a variety of ways, including sequentially with ‘homework tasks’, however it is also possible to dip in and out of the specific chapters that take you fancy.

So what qualifies Allison to write this? The answer is a long one, but top of the list comes mother of 3 and successful businesswoman (founder of a parent coaching company www.mumsanddads.biz), as well as a masters degree and an NLP (neuro linguistic programming) Master Practitioner.

Despite this frightening sounding array Allison writes in a very friendly, down to earth and direct way. Every chapter starts with ‘An ode to……….  my favourite one being ‘An Ode to Plans’ which begins;

time management

I’ve got snot on my skirt, and sick on my shirt,
Everything’s covered in kiddie dessert,

….something only a mother could write and understand! In addition to these hilarious poems are a series of ‘Tips’ and quotes from both  Mum’s  and Kids which add some lightness.

However, as well as the humour there is a real message and methodology here about gaining control of your life again. At the core of that is valuing your time, evaluating where you currently are and reigniting your dreams, which most mums lose in the life after children. Allison guides you through using some ‘tools’ including the ‘Eye of Time’ (very similar to the Wheel of Life model)  which is used to focus on 8 specific aspects of your life, and The Shopping Basket of Life which helps you to prioritise tasks.

This book is great for making you find time to identify old habits that have led you to the current chaos and taking you gently but firmly by the hand and guiding you back to a more orderly and calm way of life. Any book that has a Wine bottle Theory of Time Management and a weekly task that involves buying and eating a box of chocolates can’t be bad – just don’t forget all the other bits!

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