Chocolate Refrigerator CakeI have been making Chocolate Fridge cake for as long as I can remember, and is probably the most popular and requested cake that I make. In fact I have been known to ‘pay’ for things in fridge cake, and in some households a whole tray has been known to be eaten in one evening! I am never without these ingredients in my house and it is something I make at least once a month.

Like most things I enjoy cooking it is very quick & easy, but also a recipe without the use of scales, and with some flexibility with ingredients – which makes writing it down quite tricky! However I have been asked so many times now how to make it I felt I should give it a go……..

*** All quantities are approx, but with all these lovely ingredients you shouldn’t go too wrong***

Chocolate Fridge Cake

200g soft margarine
4 large spoons golden syrup
1 heaped tablespoon coco powder
1 packet plain digestive biscuits (rich tea, malted milk or others will also do)
Large handful raisins (this is optional – can also be sultanas, currants)
Large sprinkle chopped mixed nuts (this is optional)
Approx 200-250g dark or milk chocolate

  • Bash biscuits into crumbs and small pieces with a rolling pin
  • Put in a bowl with raisins and nuts
  • Melt margarine, syrup and coco powder in pan until well combined and just starting to bubble – I always taste this as you should be able to tell if it needs  more of anything
  • Pour over dry ingredients and mix well  so all combined
  • Press down into a foil lined baking tray (approx 24cm x 21cm)
  • Melt chocolate and pour over the top
  • Leave overnight in fridge and cut up
  • Best kept and served straight from the fridge.

Warning: Share this with family & friends at your peril – it may lead to repeated requests for making, and you may find it disappearing from the fridge at an alarming rate. I also take no responsibility for the amount of calories or the addictive nature of this!

And if anyone masters some exact quantities then feel free to come back and post them!

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By Debbie O’Connor

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