When I was young, as soon as the Christmas festivities were over, I was made to write thank you letters.  Whilst still around, thank you letters are becoming less common and are more likely to be replaced with an email, text or phone call. But despite the change in appearance the sentiment is still there – the importance of thanking people and showing your appreciation. So, in keeping with advances in technology this is our Thank You blog to all the many people who have helped Mum’s The Boss this year.

I never cease to be amazed at the kindness and generosity of people I have never met.  In the last year I have lost count of the people who have given their time freely, just to help us and give advice. This help has come in many guises, the first of which was an incredible show of faith in us and our idea. This was a real ‘gift’, with no strings attached, of £400 from somebody completely unknown to us, who lived in a town miles away. We allocated the money to cover the cost of our crèche provision for the year, but in the end it was that money that papered over the cracks in our cashflow and without it I can’t say we’d be here today.

The list of other people to thank is enormous, but included in this are all our fantastic speakers who gave their time completely free of charge to help, encourage, inspire and support others. There are also all  the professionals and other business people who have given their time to us on a personal level in the development of Mum’s the Boss. And we really ought to mention our supportive other halves at home who have lived all our highs and lows and put up with long telephone conversations and been in charge of babysitting duties so we could have our evening meetings!

We had enormous support for the business raffle we held in conjunction with out start-up events in September, and were astonished at how generous people were, both those we know and have met, but also our many Twitter friends. The prizes peopled donated were not just physical items – for many the prize involved giving their time. This is something that as working mums we are all short of, and we realise not only how precious that time is, but also how much of an impact a 1:1 with someone is. A good conversation is worth countless books, articles and programmes on business.

We are also grateful to all the authors who have given us books for our book library, and all the discounts and offers that have been forthcoming in response to our  “we are a worthy cause but poor” emails.  It has been necessary for us to bargain and barter, but is not something which we take lightly, and only ever do so for the furtherment of the group. In the ever increasingly fast-paced world in which we live, it is heart-warming to know there are still so many people willing to help, to give of their time and encouragement and have faith in the ideas and visions of others.  

When we wrote to our benefactor, thanking her again for her generosity, she told us that, at the start of her career, someone had given her a sum of money, so she was just paying it forward. So we have agreed, as a thank you to her, to do the same one day to someone else starting out on their business journey. We just hope it won’t be too far into 2010 before we will be in a position to pass on some the kindness we have been shown throughout this year.