One thing you can guarantee about kids is that they are contrary. One week they love something, the next they won’t touch it with a barge-pole. Such is the case, in our house, with bananas. My children always used to enjoy a banana or two, but now they are met with scorn and disdain. Trouble is, I keep buying them on autopilot, so every week or so I find myself lumbered with squishy, overripe bananas and a lack of ideas for what to do with them.

overripe bananas

How ripe is too ripe?

A few weeks ago I put out a cry for help on Twitter for recipe ideas for my surplus bananas and half an hour later I had a long list of suggestions. At the time I joked that “I could feel a blog post coming on”. So, as promised, here it is

 Five Uses for Overripe Bananas

  1. The easiest thing to do with overripe bananas is to cut them up, freeze them, and then add them to smoothies. So many good smoothie recipes have bananas for flavour and thickening, and the riper they are, the more flavour you get.

    overripe bananas
  2. A favourite online cookery website of mine is the BBC Good Food site. The site contains over 5,000 recipes so is always a great resource if you are lacking in culinary inspiration. And their recipe for Caramel Banana Blondies has got to be worth a try!
  3. For basic, child-friendly dinners and recipes to cook with your children you can’t beat Netmums. Most of the recipes have been submitted by mums, or tested by them, and they have a great receipe for Banana Flapjack which is perfect for school lunchboxes.

  4. Think a Banana Split is just a banana cut in half, a scoop of ice cream and a smattering of chocolate sauce, then think again! Food Network has a whole collection of banana split recipes so you need never get bored, including a Banana Split Brownie Pizza!
  5. Now you can’t think of bananas without thinking of Banoffee Pie (well I can’t!). There are lots of recipes out there but one very simple one that I have tried is Cheats Chocolate Banoffee Pie using Carnation Caramel, and it is delicious.


If you have any other great recipes for overripe bananas then please do share and leave us a comment.

By Debbie O’Connor

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