Networking is a hot topic in business and I think that the 2 key parts to successful networking are firstly finding the right group, and secondly being effective in building your network relationships. Making Connections: How to network effectively to build better business relationships by Gail Gibson is a pocket size guide which takes you through all the key aspects of successfully building up your network relationships, and ensuring that you get the maximum benefits for your business.

‘Networking is a process, not to be strictly followed like a recipe; however, being prepared is a key’.

The first few chapters talk about the key practical approaches to networking; how to present yourself, how to establish yourself as an expert within a group, how to built trust with others and how that then translates in to referrals.

As the book progresses it moves from establishing yourself  to what you as a business person gain from the relationships you make; ’This support circle promotes improved productivity and effectiveness for you to take your business forward’.   The final 3 chapters Inspiration, Nurture and Growth focus more on what those relationships you have established can contribute to your personal and business growth. All business owners have times when they are not sure which direction to go, or want to ‘try out’ an idea with someone they trust will give a sensible and reasoned feedback and this is the other main benefit of successful networking.  As with all aspects of networking the reverse is also true; you more you give, the more you get back.

A great mini guide packed with useful and direct advice. It is small and concise, and can be kept in a pocket or bag and referred back to time and again.

Making Connections by Gail Gibson is available on Amazon