Are you looking forward to the summer holidays or dreading them? However you feel you can’t escape that they are now upon us. As we embark on the holidays I’m actually really looking forward to a break from the school run routine – but I know that a week or so in I may be longing for some structure and routine back in our lives!

To help me, I’ve come up with my holiday manifesto – the things I publicly pledge to do over the next 6 weeks, to ensure we ALL have a harmonious and enjoyable holiday.

  • Fill in a weekly planner – so the kids can see visually what we have planned for the week, and whether we have a busy day or a quiet day – and so I can see when I have an evening out planned (for my own sanity!)
  • Plan to have at least 1 friend round to play each week or visit 1 friend at their house (so my house isn’t always the one trashed!)
  • Not get stressed out about the mess & the arguing
  • Sort through kids toys and recycle them or put aside for an autumn car boot
  • Get back into the habit of reading (for pleasure and to crack on with my To Read list)
  • Not get sucked into the hype of kids birthday parties & keep eldest’s party simple & traditional

  • Get outside as much as the weather allows, in the garden or at the park
  • Switch off completely from work when we go away for the week as a family
  • Try not to get stressed when potty training my youngest (this could be tricky!)
  • Let the kids have some late nights in the hope that may result in some lie-ins!
  • Try not to feel guilty (about anything!)
  • ENJOY having the children at home


If you fancy having a go yourself then feel free. 

Mums the Boss

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