We all know how creative you have to be when you’re a mum, so it comes as no surprise that two mums have realised their entrepreneurial dreams and gone on to win a recent online competition in which small businesses were given the opportunity to receive a fantastic £1,000 worth of promotional printing along with free advertising.

Flyerzone business printing service ran the competition to find small businesses in need of some help in 2012. In order to win, entrants were asked to share their goals for 2012 as well as describing how £1,000 of promotional printing would help them to realise those goals. When entries closed for the Flying Start completion on March 19th, hundreds had sent in their details.  Five winning entrants were chosen, including the two remarkable mums.

Stephanie Collier launched her business, The Little Letter Company, in February 2011. As a mother of young children, she often found herself dashing to the shops for craft materials to keep her children entertained, and came up with the idea of posting little letters to pre-school children. These letters contain craft kits that enable children to create something new and exciting every week. Stephanie’s craft kits cost less than a comic, and aim to make life easier for parents and carers, as they are delivered by post.

Stephanie told Flyerzone that she needed a designer to create professional flyers to match her expanding business, explaining that she needed a bright, colourful and fun design to appeal to children and their parents.

Another winner, stay at home mum-of-three Rachel Norrington set up Treehouse Jewellery with the aim of offering beautiful, affordable jewellery and jewellery storage to people of all ages. Her creations are bright and unusual, and make great gifts.

Rachel impressed the judges with her comprehensive list of the ways Treehouse Jewellery would benefit from the £1,000 of promotional printing offered by Flyerzone. She hoped to print plenty of flyers and business cards to get her brand image out into the world, and planned to give away vouchers with purchases to ensure her customers come back again and again.

A great big congratulations to these two inspirational mums!