by multi-award winning founder, Wendy Shand

If you’re anything like most small businesses one of your challenges will be that you simply do not have a constant supply of fresh leads flowing into your business, rejuvenating your marketing funnel and ensuring that your offering gets to as many people as possible.  What you need is a lead generating system.

Here, Wendy Shand, founder of multi-award winning, a business that specialises in offering families with children safe, genuinely family friendly villa holidays, outlines the simple step by step process that she uses to ensure that her business is never short of leads.

1)      Identify Your Target Market

I know that you’ve heard it before but unless you know who you are speaking to (age, demographic, what they read, where they hang out and what they drink!)

2)      Where’s their Pain?

Once you know who your target market is you can begin to understand their pain.  What is it that worries them with regards to what you do and how do you solve it?

3)      Create a lead generating tool

The next step is to create something to give away in exchange for people’s contact details.  This is critical because if you are providing a product or a service that is over £50.00 then this is a considered purchase and you will have to build up a relationship first.

Your freebie should be related to the ‘pain’ that you have identified in step 2 and could be an e-book, a report, a CD or something you send in the post.  In my business I have created a guide for parents about how to holiday successfully with kids.  The booklet is entitled “Travelling With Tots, Your Guide To Stress-Free Family Holidays.”

You can get your Free Tips booklet here!

4)      Create a lead page

Now I sent you to that page deliberately so that you can see that I don’t send traffic to my home page.  I send it to a one page website that collects the leads.  This is deliberate as your leads will easily get distracted by something else on your website and be led away.  Note there are no tabs and nothing else that you can do on this page except sign up for my tips booklet.

Most good web designers can design you a simple one page website like this.  I suggest you sign up to follow the process through.

5)      Now collect the leads

Now you need some way of collecting your leads and mailing them.  We happen to use a programme called Infusionsoft, I can’t recommend it highly enough but it’s expensive and complicated so unless you have a big database then I would start with something simpler like   This step is critical to building up an effective relationship with your leads.

You will need to drive traffic to that site which you can do in a number of ways, like writing some copy for another website..but that’s another story for another day!

PS: Don’t forget to sign up for Wendy’s free booklet on Travelling with Tots: Your Guide To Stress-Free Family Holidays

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