Attract New Customers with a Well Designed Business Flyer

Flyers advertising your company’s products or services can be a highly effective way of attracting new customers. What’s more, business flyers can often be printed very cheaply, especially when you design them yourself.

Ensure that your business flyers are designed in the most effective way possible, by following our useful tips.

Researching Target Markets is Critical

Spending time establishing your business’s target markets is very important, as this data will influence every decision made when designing the flyer – from the written information included, to the fonts and colours chosen.

Identify three of your key target markets and aim to create different flyer designs for each.

Printing three sets of 1000 flyers, each specifically targeting the needs of different markets, is much more effective than printing 3000 generic, non-targeted flyers. People respond to relevant information, but tend to ignore the general and non-specific. Tailoring your flyers for different groups of people, by adapting their appearance and content, can significantly increase the number of respondents.

Be Sure To Include The Right Information

Before designing the flyer, you should write down the five most common questions asked about your service or product. Five such questions might be: What is it? Where is it? When is it? How much is it? How long is it? These five pieces of information will make up the core of your flyer.

You will of course also need to include your company’s contact details.

At least two contact methods should be included – usually your telephone number and email address – and they must be highly visible. You could also include other details, such as your company’s website address, Facebook address, physical address, and a mobile number. Making it simple for people to contact you is crucial, as persuading them to take this step is the hardest part of the marketing process.

Motivate Them To Get In Touch

Motivating people to contact you, by including a time-limited coupon discount code on the flyer, for example, can be a highly effective strategy.

As well as providing a strong motivational factor, you will also be able to monitor how effective your flyers have been. Discovering exactly how many people became customers after reading your flyer gives you valuable insight into which designs were particularly effective, or which were less successful, and may need modifying.

Avoid Common Design Errors

You should use only one or two fonts on your flyer. More unusual fonts should only be used for the headings, and never the key information, which must be clear and legible. Text should not be placed too close to the edge of the paper, or to the edges of boxes.

It is a good idea to only use your company logo sparingly, if at all. As your business is unlikely to be a globally recognised brand, people reading the flyer are much more interested in the product or service you are offering – and not who you are, or what your logo is.

Good luck in designing your business flyer!

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  1. Latoya Smith says:

    I’ve had my share of less than appealing print jobs, so it’ll come as no surprise that I was being more than a little picky when I had to select somewhere to print some flyers for my boutique after relocating to Pompano Beach FL. A friend suggested I try a local printer, PCA Delta. The flyers were great. Now I use them whenever I have stuff to print. If you need printing done, I highly recommend you give them a try. Check them out at

  2. johnalba544 says:

    I strongly believe by spending time we can establishing our business’s target markets is important. We have to estimate how many people became customers after reading our flyers. Because it can be a highly effective strategy.

  3. peterraimi says:

    Yes, i agreed with that. Really we need to attract the business customers with our own business site, not only with that and also we have to maintain our business standards which is very flexible to visitors then we have to increase our business sales and also increase our website traffic. Am thankful to share this informative post.

  4. brother says:

    Hello, I knocked on old story but as a freelance graphic designer, I ensure that your information is correct! I agree with you! as a flyer designer on fiverr I met some of my buyers insist to create a flyer without proper information. I advised them to add their contact details and use a good image on their flyer.

    Honestly, your post is really a good source for me as a flyer designer. Thank you very much!

    brother on fiverr

  5. Donald Quixote says:

    A key point is definitely “Well Designed” because if you have a business flyer, that’s great and all, but if it doesn’t catch anyone’s attention then it is worthless.

  6. Abell says:

    Design plays a very imperative role to increase the sales and promotion of business. Thanks for sharing such a valuable information.

  7. Adrian Ward says:

    Really enjoyed the post thank you – some great tips and inspiration! We’re currently spending a lot more time concentrating on more physical/traditional marketing forms and it’s posts like this that give us the confidence that it is going to work. One thing we were having a bit of trouble deciding was the distribution/devivery of our marketing materials such as leaflets. We’d heard some bad things in the past about dodgy companies, but ended up settling on an excellent one who have GPS tracking to make sure you’re not being conned! leaflet delivery birmingham

  8. Donald Quixote says:

    Business fliers, when done right, are a fantastic way to bring new customers to your store. At one of my past jobs we found that by passing fliers out our business would get many more customers in the store.

  9. Kevin Davis says:

    Designing different flyers to target different customers is great. Taking that a step further, see which flyers actually convert better. Maybe include a QR code that you can track which flyers are leading to more results.

  10. Jimmy John says:

    Thanks for the post. I like that you mention research right off the bat. I think a lot of people when they create something like a flyer only care about the design. Granted, the design is very important but if it’s to the wrong demographic, it will only be irrelevant brilliance.

  11. Digi Dust says:

    Flyers are a great way to draw out both new customers and allure loyalty from existing clients.

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