How being a Savvy Shopper has Changed my Life

Once in a while, I would like to share with you the best of the posts that I do over at Motivating Mum. This post in particular forms part of a competition entry so I hope that some of you will choose to read it and share with your friends.

The reduction in City bonuses, coupled with the increase in expenses for children as they get older, start school and take up expensive hobbies, has slowly crept up on us.  Our budget is being squeezed at both ends.  Now suddenly,  I am having to make some choices – should we take a family holiday this year?  And just how many pairs of new shoes do I need?

My trip to the SaveUp conference was a real wake up call.  We heard stories of women on the breadline, saving money to pay for life-saving surgery, or to repair a house damaged beyond habitation and not insured.  We heard from business people whose business had failed taking them from £200,000 a year to the benefits queue. The common thread is that all of these people had been able to turn their lives around through adopting basic money saving techniques…..


Please take a look at the rest of the post on Motivating Mum How Being a Savvy Shopper has changed my life  or take a look at the competition for yourself  Are you the UK’s Smartest Shopper?

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