Why did I put Bleach in my Wellies? Tips to improve your sleep

A very good question. This morning was going from bad to worse! I was of course going to mop the very muddy floor…

Sometime early yesterday evening I discovered my elderly cat had had an accident in the study. Quickly I popped anything into the washer that looked like it would wash! As an extra precaution I quickly threw Borax powder, a much used favourite of mine, across the floor, settee, cushions and anything that I had not crammed into the washer!  Borax is a natural mineral and I had read once that it has antibacterial properties and can eliminate smells – just what my study needed!  A good spray of air freshener, close the door and hope by morning all would be fine.

Now my youngest daughter is at pre-school until lunch time and I have a lot to fit into that time. So now all I needed to do was rinse the bleach out of my wellies, mop the floor and vacuum up the borax and then hopefully have time to fit in some work!

The inside of my wellies smell clean, but even by my standards that’s a bit mad! I think a break is obviously what I need: a holiday, time to read a book, not to keep having to look at the clock and maybe some undisturbed sleep?? In the real world I think sleep is more achievable than a break, but always a nice thought!

It is no surprise to learn that lack of sleep is not only bad for your mood, but it is also makes it difficult to make decisions, stay alert, concentrate and dark circles under the eyes are never flattering!

Top tips to improve your sleep time:

We all know how beneficial it is to exercise; studies have however shown that it is best to avoid exercise in the evening.

Hot Milky Drink
Great for helping us get to sleep, but did you also realise that certain foods such as whole wheat bread, bananas and potatoes also make you sleepy. This might be why you feel sleepy after lunch!

Before you Sleep
Give yourself a break from the TV, don’t check emails, and avoid anything with a backlight. The brain needs to adjust towards sleep gradually, like the sun setting. A flickering light-emitting device such as a TV screen stimulates the brain.

Wake Better
If you struggle to wake in the morning and need a loud alarm, try having a radio alarm next to your bed. Have the radoi alarm set loud enough to wake you, but not to startle you; and the other normal alarm clock at the other side of your room, much louder and more annoying, so you have to get out of bed.

Where you Sleep
Make your bedroom a sleep haven, your special place away from the world. Do you like your bed? Maybe simply changing your headboard will give your room a new look. There are plenty of websites such as bedstar.co.uk where they have a huge range of beds, mattresses and bedroom furniture. Keep clutter out of your room for the perfect night’s sleep.

A couple of ‘out there’ ideas I have read, not sure they are for me…

The idea of going to sleep is as good as sleep itself.
Lie down or sit in comfy seat holding a spoon in your fingertips, you should be holding it in a way that when you lose consciousness (sleep) you drop it… the clatter (put a big plate on the floor under your hand) will wake you…. and you get woken JUST as you enter the best “dreamy” bit of your sleep. Alternatively, hold a bunch of keys: same effect.


A Caffeine Power Nap
Try a cup of coffee followed by a 15 minutes nap to reboot your brain…

According to research these ideas do work, but maybe you have a better tip?


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  1. Sarah Park says:


    Thanks for the tips regarding how to get a good sleep. This is exactly what I need these days. I’ve been very moody these past few days due to lack of sleep. I have insomnia and I think to much of so many things that is why i always lack sleep.

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