Win a copy of Jamie’s 15 minute meals with Waterstones

The lovely people at Waterstones have sent me a hardback copy of Jamie’s 15 minute meals, to give away to one of you lucky lot in a competition.


I’m a great fan of Jamie Oliver, and what he is trying to do to improve the nutrition of the nation, and our children in particular.

This collection is an amazing idea – how many mums reach for ready meals and junk food because there just aren’t enough hours in the day to cook healthy delicious food for or children?

The book contains great tips on organising your kitchen and laying in the correct stores so that you always have the tools to cook up fast but tasty food in no time.  the recipes themselves look delicious. The index at the back is grouped by ingredient so you can find something useful to do with whatever you have in store.

I was so impressed with this book that I very nearly kept it for myself – it is exactly what I could do with in the kitchen right now.

But no, I have been good, and kept the book in good condition so that one of you guys can enjoy it with your familythis Christmas .

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  1. Jo Hutchinson says:

    Spaghetti bolognase or pasta and sauce while everything is cooking you can put together a quick salad.

  2. Katrina Day-Reilly says:

    macaroni cheese is always a good one

  3. Clare says:

    Either pesto peas and pasta or quick kedgeree using ‘microwave veg pilau rice’ and smoked haddock from the freezer.

  4. Hannah Bartram says:

    Pasta with sundried tomato paste mixed through.

  5. tamalyn roberts says:

    chicken fajitas, its quick, chop chicken and peppars, mushrroms etc fry them add a sauce and served in 10 mins, kids love them

  6. Workingberlinmum says:

    Pesto with pasta and walnuts. Quick, easy and my boy loves it.

  7. Amanda Hart says:

    Chicken, mushroom, onion, wholegrain mustard and Philadelphia garlic and onion. All cooked together so you have a creamy sauce and put them in wraps…so scrummy, quick and very easy!! :) :0

  8. Erica says:

    I like to make stuff from leftovers, which is usually pretty quick. But my current fast favourite is courgette carbonara (courgette instead of pasta)

  9. Danielle baker says:

    We love a quick macaroni cheese :)

  10. Alison Pinto says:

    A really quick favourite is pasta with pancetta, peas, creme fraiche – and a few mint leaves if you have any knocking around.

  11. Janine Bailey says:

    A quick pasta dish or an omelette x

  12. Debbie Burfoot says:

    Pasta, ham and cheese…quick easy and filling, and everyone eats moans…and yummy

  13. Sam says:

    Quick pasta dish with some tomatoes and red pepper.

  14. alison haylett says:

    tinned Beans, legumes tomatoes and veg baked with a crumble, jacket pots and veg

  15. Sandy Calico says:

    Pasta, pesto, pine nuts and parmesan

  16. Maria M says:

    i tend to make either pasta of any sort depending on what is in the cupboard. Or cheese/cheese and ham toasties or cheese and beans toastie!

  17. Karen Christmas says:

    Mine has to be spaghetti bolognese, quick, tasty and filling !

  18. Caroles says:

    It’s got to be pasta and a tomato suce of some sort – perhaps a spag bol with quorn

  19. Mary Baldwin says:

    Spanish omelette – whatever’s in the fridge goes in the pan with a couple of beaten eggs and then a bit of salad to go with it.

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