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Happy New Year to you all.  I hope you have all had a happy,  healthy and peaceful Christmas and are looking forward to 2013 with excitement and wonder.  I certainly am, because for the first time since I gave up full time work ten years ago, I now have a business plan that seems to finally make sense, and I can’t wait to get going on it.

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So where does Mum’s the Boss fit in with all this?

Well I am really excited that I was able to buy Mum’s the Boss in September 2012, and add it to my existing Motivating Mum business.  I hope to build a national network of business mums groups, with events happening up and down the country.  I’ve got lots of excited people lined up and ready to launch as Group Leaders in the New Year, so this is looking really good.

I intend to keep both websites running for the time being.  Plenty of you really care about the Mum’s the Boss brand, and I feel that I would lose something really special if I just folded it into Motivating Mum – but the same is also true the other way round.

So I certainly intend to keep both brands going, but with a simplified and unified back office that keeps both sites current and full of interesting content.

One question which I have been asking myself is how do I differentiate between the two blogs and how would I define you, the readers?

I can honestly say that when I took over the MTB blog I was fully expecting to have to provide solid business advice week in week out.  After all the majority of you are stay at home mums with home businesses so I figured that you would like help in that area.

However in fact, if I read the blog stats, its a bit more complicated than that – you actually seem to prefer the posts about parenting, looking after your home and particularly the cake recipes. I guess you are going elsewhere for your business advice…

This got me scratching my head a bit – I like to have a picture of my ideal reader in my head and know exactly who I am writing to. Then it dawned on me – you guys are exactly like me…

You are staying at home and raising the kids, either because you want to, or because it makes sound financial sense for you to do so.  Some of you have jobs part time or full time, and some of you run small or large businesses.  But what unites you is that you are in charge of running your home.

That’s when the realisation hit me – Your Home is Your Business

It is a multi disciplined business – you are in charge of a vast business empire, which may or may not include any of the following tasks:

  • Child rearing and childcare
  • Catering and Entertainment
  • Cleaning and Domestic Duties
  • Taxi Services
  • Provisioning and Purchasing
  • Cost control and Budgetary Discipline
  • Project management
  • Revenue Earning (Business or Job)
  • Personal Assistant to another revenue earner in your house

Each one of us manages all of these tasks – the ‘business’ that you run is just one part of your daily duties. Some tasks you might delegate to others (for instance I earn money so that I can pay somebody else to do my cleaning…) but the decision of who does what, when and how in all of these areas falls to you. Plus you might like to relax a bit now and again….

Now that I get this, I can address the blog to answer all of your home and business needs, from money saving, cooking, crafting and all the other things which mums like me get up to at home….

There will be more cake of course – you love it so much it would be rude not to.  And I will also throw in some competitions and giveaways, because I know you all love them.

So did I get it right?  Am I describing you?  Please leave a comment below and say hello.  And please let me know what else you would like to see a bit more of in 2013, and I will do my best to cram it in.

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  1. Helen says:

    Hi I’ve enjoyed reading this post. I cant wait for the competitions and giveaways!

    I’m a Stay at home mum of 2. My home is most definitely a multi disciplined business and this post sums up a lot for me. I have to find a balance between running a Children’s online retail shop and looking after my 2 Children. Not that I have any complaints I enjoy what I do and it works for me. I generally feel I have struck a balance between kids, home and work.

    Starting my own business was an easy choice for me, it was a case of either going back to work to pay the costs of childcare or stay at home and keep the money that I didn’t have in the first instance! At least this way I got to spend time with my children, I really didn’t want to miss out on that.

    However being a domestic business women threw up all sorts of new challenges that I hadn’t anticipated. Having a 2 year old tugging your leg and a five year spinning your computer chair around while your talking to your suppliers can be testing to say the least! There is clearly much to consider and it’s an interesting subject, I will be checking back for mum’s views.

    Good luck with the blog! I hope 2013 brings you success, a wealth of exciting opportunities and above all happiness!

    I’d like to share my site if I may? Its here: Children’s clothing Thanks so much for sharing!

    • Mum's The Boss says:

      Thanks Helen and welcome!! I know what you mean about trying to combine children and professionalism, but somehow we make it work. Look forward to getting to know you on here x

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