Review of Parcelgenie: A small gift for your Valentine?

Parcelgenie’s instant gift messaging app helps bust the gloom

Last week a survey of 1000 smartphone users has found out what would cheer everyone up during these cold winter months and it turns out that receiving a little gift would be just the thing! Almost a quarter (22.3%) of respondents rated receiving a real gift through the post as 10 out of 10 in terms of enjoyment, but over a third (34.5%) said that, excluding birthdays and Christmas, they hadn’t received a gift through the post in over a year. And with almost two thirds (64%) saying they are too busy to contact their friends via the post, in comes Parcelgenie to do the hard work, allowing you to send beautifully wrapped little gifts at the touch of a button.

Parcelgenie is a free app which allows you to quickly and easily send real little gifts to friends and family with a few clicks on your mobile without even knowing their address. Popular purchases on the app includes everything from retro sweets to pet bow ties, as well as winter warmers like emergency hot chocolate and festive hand warmers.

Parcelgenie is free to download on iOS, Android and WP and users can enter the discount code KB73GG to receive 20% off until 16th February 2013.

To test out Parcelgenie, first of all they sent me one of their little gifts.  I received the Retro Sweet box, priced at £3.99 including postage.  There were several Refresher chews, some rhubarb and custard sweets, some Love Hearts and a Sherbet Dip Dab.  It definitely brought a smile to my face – much more than a card would have done.

After that I tried the service myself.  Essentially you can send a gift to anyone if you know their mobile phone number.  You download the app, and select your gift and pay for it.  Then you enter the phone number that you want to send the gift to and a text message for the recipient.

Your chosen ‘victim’  will receive a text messages telling them that a gift is on the way and inviting them to enter their postal address.  Once they have done that the little parcel arrives two or three days later.

I think this is a genius idea!  The low cost of the gifts mean that you can send them for any reason you like and brighten somebody’s day.  I immediately sent a small packet of sweeties to two friends who were recently out of hospital and to one friend ‘just because’.  They were all delighted to receive an unexpected gift.

I think I am going to use this app a lot.  I will use it for my friends birthdays where I normally just send a card, and also just to spread some unexpected rays of sunshine here and there.  I might even send myself another sherbet dip dab – sometimes I could use a bit of tlc….x

It makes me smile just to think whose lives I could brighten with this.  With little gifts ranging in price from £1.99 to £14.99 I think I could do a lot of good, and nothing makes me happy like cheering somebody else up.

And if you haven’t bought a Valentine for your beloved yet, you could do worse than use this app today.  At least your friend will receive a text to say that a gift is on the way, and won’t feel completely forgotten….

You can download Parcelgenie here:

Parcelgenie for IPad/IPhone

Parcelgenie for Android

Parcelgenie for Windows Phone

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