Fun and Creative Summer Holiday Ideas

With summer fast approaching, parents across the country will be racking their brains for school holiday ideas. Keeping the kids entertained when you head to work can often prove to be a difficult and expensive task.

With this in mind here is a look at some of the fun and exciting holiday activities available to choose from – so mum and dad can get to work without any stress and worry.

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Join a Sporting Club

Sporting clubs regularly host camps and carnivals throughout the school holidays. These are designed for children of all experience levels to take part, so it’s the perfect chance to get your little ones trying new things and developing different skills. They are also the perfect opportunity for children to make new friends in a fun and active environment.There’s also a huge variety of sporting programmes to choose from, so why not enrol your kids in an activity that they’ll love to boast about to their friends? Ice skating, horse riding and fencing are just some of the adventurous sports that will host holiday camps across the country, so why not jump online and find a club near you?

Learn a Language at Summer Camp

Sometimes as parents it can feel challenging enough finding a holiday programme with spaces free. Finding an activity that’s also fun and educational can seem like an impossible mission.Summer camps are an excellent solution, offering the perfect opportunity to learn new skills.There are language camps available in a number of exciting European cities that teach children a second language in a supportive and fun environment.Why not enrol your kids on an exciting German summer camp experience located in Switzerland where they can learn invaluable language skills and make a range of new friends?

Or perhaps they could head to the beautiful city of Cannes to brush up on their French skills before school term starts.

These camps are also a fun and supportive way to prepare children for their language exams at school and can provide more information about official language exams  that feature on the school curriculum.

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Start a Hobby

Finding activities to fill the hours of summer shouldn’t feel like a burden. With such a huge variety of local activities taking place, the summer holidays are a great opportunity to discover new skills and hidden talents. Why not take the kids to a local gardening club and see if they have a natural green thumb?

Or perhaps enrol them in a local children’s cookery course – after all you might have the future Delia Smith living under your roof.  Hobbies are diverse enough to develop and nourish new skills for all sorts of children, not to mention letting them have some much-needed fun.



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  1. Doug says:

    That little girl has her glasses on upside-down! NOW I’ve seen everything.
    Here’s a quick vid showing how kids can make a cool greeting card for CREATIVE fun:

  2. Lyricsguru says:

    To learn a new language in summer holidays is a great idea for kids, my little cousin is not interested in dance and music, I would definitely recommend her dad to introduce her to a new language this summer vacations.

  3. Richard Thompson says:

    Signing up your kids for summer camps can be one of the best things you can do for your children during the summer. They can help your children stay active and social during the summer, and it can help them find hobbies or interests they otherwise wouldn’t find. Once you find the right camps, it can become one of your child’s favorite parts of the summer.

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