by Lara Zimmern


Have you ever made a completely illogical decision but knew intuitively that it was absolutely, beyond a shadow of a doubt the right thing to do? And despite the fact everyone around you was telling you that you ought to stick with what you are doing and you are marginally mad, you still felt compelled to change everything to make this happen?

Well that’s what I did 33 days ago.

I am a mother to three gorgeous children, aged 6, 4 & 2. I gave up working full time three years ago after the birth of my almost three year old. I could no longer be a managing director of my former business YogaBugs working 60/70 hour weeks, so I resigned and  opted to become a home based business builder running a health & wellness company  around the demands of my growing family.

Over those three years, I’ve built a team here in the UK, in Ireland and around the globe… Pause, until about 8 weeks ago when I got a call from someone I know and respect hugely and they invited me to look at something…

My initial reaction was I’m “comfortable” doing what I’m doing. But they then asked me, before you got married, did you date someone who you were comfortable with and one day wake up and say, “Hey, I want more”… they were perhaps a good 8 out of 10. So against your better judgement you up sticks (polite way of saying dumped them!) and moved back into the world of being single, only to find your 10 out 10, my now husband…! My answer was of course yes, once someone sows the seed of doubt, one must look, or at least that’s what I did!

So what did I see? Well a company that has created network marketing history in less than 3 years, they have become number 2 to the 30 year old giant in their sector in the US… they have created more than 700 6 & 7 figure a year income earners and they have a product that is transforming people’s lives in such a powerful way.

How could I not stay silent on this? So what did I do? Organised childcare, school collections, babysitters galore and hopped on a plane to the US to find out more.

Did I fall in love? Was this new company my 10 out of 10? Yes it was! I promptly resigned from my previous company, which was a painful and sad decision as I was saying goodbye to an amazing group of people who I had grown to love and respect dearly, but I knew if I was to be true to myself and my goals, now was the time to move.

We’re now just under 2 months from launching in the UK and I have to say I  genuinely believe that this company is going to create the biggest momentum and widest net of income earners that the UK and Europe has ever seen. But much more importantly, having come from a super sporty family and believing in being active and fit, I have always been passionate about helping people feel better about themselves I see the opportunity to help so many people transform their health & wellbeing.

The results so far; well if you are not from a network marketing business and you have always said you “would never touch one of those Pyramid Things”, then think again. My pre-launch team is growing by the day. Interest is being gained from all sectors of society attracting people with no previous networking experience.

Why? The traditional way of presenting a MLM opportunity is completely counter-intuitive, by that I mean, people feel uncomfortable with the overall message. No one wants to sell to their friends and family…am  I right or am I right?

My 10 out of 10 company is like Apple, they have created a purely intuitive & social message. People recruit all day long, they just don’t realize they are doing it. How often have you said to a pal “I’ve just signed up for a 6 week Zumba course, you have to do it with, it would be so much fun” or  “let’s give up chocolate for lent together, that way we can egg each other on”…  My New “10” has that same effect, people will only do something they feel comfortable doing…

For people who have got a networking background, it is drawing them in like bees to honey. You can feel the massive sigh of relief, the pressure valve being released as they realize this is the model they have been waiting for. Our team planning session felt like a scene from “Oceans Eleven” (without Brad Pitt  ) , all these great networkers coming back for one last shot!

Given we are in pre-launch mode, there’s a lot I can’t share with people right now, but I have now found something that fulfils my mumpreneur spirit (it’s my 10!), it works in and around the demands of my three precious children and it will enable me to help lots of people achieve a better sense of wellbeing.

This is a guest post by Lara Zimmern.  if you want to know more about what she has found you can contact her at

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