BMW MacLaren Buggy Review

Question: How do I get my husband to help more with the kids?

Answer: With a BMW MacLaren stroller for a bit of Daddy zoom!

We’ve all been there : it’s Sunday afternoon, it’s raining, the kids have been cooped up all day, all you need is half an hour of peace and quiet to get some jobs done ready for Monday morning (you know – ironing, washing – that sort of excitement!).  Wouldn’t it be wonderful if your Other Half offered, with no prompting, to take all the children out for a walk? (In our house there is about as much chance of this happening as there is of the washing fairy arriving and getting the uniform ready for Monday!) But BMW and MacLaren may have got something that will getting him jumping off the sofa, turning off Match of the Day, and taking the kids out for a very long walk…the BMW MacLaren Buggy.

scrapbook style

We were lucky enough to be given one of these buggys to review – and it not only got my husband away from the sofa and the telly turned off – he also ventured out with 3 children in freezing temperatures and snow (honest!) – here’s the evidence:

daddy zoom

So what’s so amazing about it? Well – here are a few things that for me put it head and shoulders above buggys I’ve owned in the past:

  • Sturdy and good quality: it doesn’t feel like it’s about to snap (you’d feel confident it could survive a journey thrown in the hold of an easyjet plane!) and the material has a superior finish – no tacky pvc for BMW MacLaren babies!  Even the shopping basket has been well thought out – reflective material on the underside which is waterproof (useful in this not-so-springlike weather) and also deflects heat from the pavement on a hot day (what’s that?).
  • No trapped fingers: remember the excruciating pain of catching your fingers in the clip of a buggy? Not with this one! We decided it was physically impossible to pinch your fingers (or that of your child!) in the cleverly designed clip on this buggy.clip
  • Washable: who designs buggy’s that can’t be washed? Not BMW MacLaren! Everything that might get dirty can be chucked in the washing machine – simple.
  • Easy raincover: although I had a raincover for the buggy I used when my eldest was little – I never used it because it was such a faff to put on that by the time I’d put it on the rain would have stopped! Again the clever designers at BMW and MacLaren have thought of this and made it quick and simple to attach the raincover. It also folds up easily and into a small enough package to be able to slip into your nappy bag.

raincover 1

  • So light and easy to carry: when you’ve had a day out with the kids and everyone is tired, the last thing you want to be doing is lugging a heavy buggy into the car. The BMW MacLaren Buggy only weighs 5.7kg and best of all it comes with a handy carry strap. I don’t know how they’ve done it but the strap is designed so that even if the buggy wheels are covered in mud, when you carry it you don’t get mud on you! Magic!


  • It reclines: sounds simple but I have never had a buggy that allows your child to lie flat before! Well, I did once but you needed to get the instructions out every time to remember how to make it recline. The BMW MacLaren buggy allows the seat to recline to whatever angle you require at merely the pull of a cord.
  • Folds nicely: again it’s not necessary to get the instruction booklet out every time you wish to fold the buggy up because it’s so straightforward. And when it is folded up it is reasonably small and will fit into the boot of most cars with no trouble. Also it fits in horizontally across the boot of my car, it doesn’t have to go diagonally like most other buggies – another boot
  • It’s stylish: not something I’d say about every buggy but the BMW MacLaren will get you noticed for all the right reasons. The sleek design of the black one we were given with all the BMW trimmings certainly added a little sophistication to buggy pushing, whatever the weather!


  • Daddy cool: bucket seat (padded, don’t you know!), smooth finish, great steering, BMW badge – there aren’t many brand new BMWs around for just £285! He’ll never complain about pushing the buggy again!  The wheel design is based on the genuine BMW design and there is 4-wheel suspension for a smoother ride.


  • The changing bag: I can’t believe I’ve left this until last but for me this was the absolute icing on the cake! The MacLaren BMW Messenger Changing Bag in black that we were also given to review is truly a thing of beauty, but hubby looks equally cool with this stylish ‘man bag':

nappy bag
Divided into 3 compartments, each compartment neatly closes with a magnetic clip (no more fiddling with annoying buttons!), it has two zip up pockets for the important Mummy stuff and it comes with a removable nappy bag with changing mat, an insulated bottle warmer and a wet bag.

All in all the MacLaren BMW Buggy is very well designed, all the little things have been thought of – leaving you to get on with having fun with all the family…

fun with the family

drivingI can drive just like Daddy!

For more information on MacLaren products visit or check out their Facebook app for loads more useful info and images of the buggy

We would like to thank to the National Trust for their kind permission allowing us to photograph and publish pictures of Belton House.


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  1. car service says:

    BMW even doing buggy’s now? Bit like Nike selling food. I’m sure the buggy is very high quality though

  2. Jenny says:

    The only thing that I wish it has is a foot rest for my son while he’s sleeping. Other than that, I don’t regret buying it at all.

  3. new york airport limousine says:

    This is really sound cool review indeed! This is really a sound cool job of BMW and hopefully I’m willing to buy it for my baby. Thanks

  4. Steve says:

    Thanks for the great review! Maclaren strollers have been around since 1965 and the Maclaren Company is probably responsible for more stroller design breakthroughs than any other manufacturer. Maclarens are also stylish and trendy, and over the years they have developed an almost cult following among upwardly-mobile working mothers. The Company’s Founder Owen Maclaren actually invented the umbrella stroller.

  5. best stroller says:

    Love to here about BMW MacLaren stroller. I really appreciate the job of BMW. The pic was to lovely ,in which baby seated in rain covered stroller . well Great Work!

  6. BuggyBaby says:

    Great article. We are about to add Maclaren as one of our stockists. The BMW will be on the must-stock list. Thanks for opening our eyes to this. Looks like it’s a very popular buggy and rightly so. Big fans of Maclaren!

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