Yippee!  At last the first little bits of proper warm sunshine are starting to seep through.  Winter is finally over and we have started the weird spring/summer season that lasts between now and the rainy season of July/August.

With that in mind, the silliness of the English will be on full display this weekend.  Will you be out there joining in?

I’m sure some of you will head down to the seaside for the weekend.  I have seen caravans out already and even the occasional tent (please somebody talk to these people…)  People will be riding bikes, flying kites, cooking barbecues and sipping coffee outside in pavement cafes,as if we live in the Mediterranean.  Just don’t tell your friends that you still have your thermal vest on underneath your tshirt.

So what will you take your children off to do this fine weekend?  Will you go for a walk or go and visit some relatives?  Will you try out a new sport or maybe test out something that you got for Christmas?  I expect the theme parks will be busy as usual (despite the occasional downpours) and all the sports and recreation areas of your town will be full of people making the most of the brief burst of sunshine while it lasts.

do something silly



Whatever you are up to this weekend, I hope you have fun.  And when you are done please drop in and tell me all about it….

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