How to Improve your Business: You Gotta Let go to Grow

by Bianca Forbes


One of the best compasses to use with clients and people new to me, is checking out where they’re at with their business. To improve your business you have to start with where you are. As a fellow mum and former Mums in Business Coach, I know all too well what challenges we face but don’t necessarily tell the world.

I find that usually Mums in Business fall under one of these 3 categories, when they are on the entrepreneurial journey.

Business Mum in Spirit:

You are in a job that you don’t necessarily like. If and when you do like the job, you’re feeling like you need to sacrifice the time spent with your child or children, while they are young. Deep down you also have a drive to do something else. You secretly yearn for freedom to be creative and do things in different – non conforming – ways. You spend a lot of your time dreaming of starting a business doing things you love, and what it would be like to just be doing that in your own way.

Business Mum in Action:

Perhaps you’re working as a consultant. Great! A company or individual has recognized that they need you to come and add value to their business. You work damn hard – usually still quite a full time schedule. You juggle family, home and work (just about) but you’re paid very well. You keep going because quite frankly, you and your family gotta eat! It’s likely that you have a contract, which means that unless the contract gets renewed, all good things must come to an end. Your next challenge is: how do you get more business? If this isn’t you, perhaps the next cap fits you better.

Business Mum who’s The Boss

Aka the Bomb! Now this is where things hot up. You’re running the show like no bodies business – ok so it’s your business but you get the point. You work full out and you’ve got people working for you. You can afford to kick back…but you don’t. Ideally you’ve used your skills and expertise to help other people grow too. Your business is a massive success. You are really driven and career minded. Good for you! You are a veteran workaholic and proud of it. Again, you’ve worked damn hard to get where you are right?!

No one told you it could be easier though did they

I’ve found that after hitting the first and second stage, I certainly didn’t want to get stuck in the third stage. Hell no! I left a j.o.b. as soon as I caught a whiff of being the boss. You might be wondering why that might be. In fact many women entrepreneurs like to be busy and thrive from being driven and on the go all the time. That isn’t necessarily a bad thing but I’m gonna put my therapist hat on for a minute.

You see.

Here’s your dilemma

Most mums start their own business to be around their growing family. They want to earn a good income and don’t want their children to miss out on anything – including quality family time spent together. The reality is that this is not always easy IF you get carried away with the winds of the business.

What happens in the short term is your children start to see you less and less. You get more stressed and feel guilty about going against what you wanted in the first place. In the long term, the longer it takes for you to work an alternative out, the worse the backlash will be. No honest parent, deep down, wants to hear their adult children utter the words “you weren’t there for me when I was growing up”.

So what do you do to avoid the potential doom?

  • Well first you have to be honest and real about the impact your business mode is having on you and your family.
  • Then you need to be brave, let go of some of the controls and be open for your business to grow more organically.

How do you do it?

  • Design your business around your personality, your ideal day and get your ideal pay. That can’t happen until you make the conscious decision to step back, review and get a different kind of organised.

A good system that shows you how to do this step by step is definitely the way to go. If you haven’t found one that fits like a glove to your the lifestyle you want, here’s your opportunity to find out about the one I’ve created for you.


Bianca Forbes is The Online Business & Marketing Coach helping Small Business Owners, and Solo Entrepreneurs who are ready to Step Up Their Game Online. She’s sharing top secrets from her signature BAIT system to build an online brand in a way that saves you more time and energy so you can make more money. Here’s your invitation to get on the book launch guest list and be among the first to grab yourself a copy The BAIT System

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  1. Little Crab Designs says:

    great article – I know I fall into the “scared to let go” category – too much of a control freak :) – but I do recognise that at some point I will have to to get to the next level.

  2. Bianca says:

    Thanks a lot for being a part of my virtual book tour Debbie.
    Happy to help any of your Mums who have questions for me:-).
    Anyone reading this, I’d love to know, what kind of mum in business are you?

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