Sell, Swap or Throw Away?

Now the new school year has started there are no more excuses! I can’t blame the children for the mess around the house any longer. I need to get motivated and get sorted.

Trying to keep on top of things is an on going battle and I am not organised by nature, but at the same time I find that having ‘stuff’ all over the place overwhelming.

My mother has a problem getting rid of anything and her love of shopping and ‘bargains’ has become a quite a problem. It is true that one man’s treasure is another man’s junk and something that has no use or value to me, may have value to her. The problem is that she really does not get rid of anything! The settee is piled with old papers and magazines, the coffee table is full of receipts, tissues as well as other items, such as nail scissors, nail varnishes…  It makes me feel embarrassed as I type thinking of the clutter and rubbish. I don’t think there is a clear surface in the house, when my sister visits she has to sleep on the sofa despite my parents living in a three bedroom house. The other bedrooms are so full of stuff it is impossible to use the bed!

ID-10036003I have tried over time to encourage a sort out, but it falls on deaf ears. I had to stop going over myself when my children were much younger for fear that a pile of something would topple and bury them, or the scissors, sewing needles, staplers etc. that are all left lying around would cause injury. As my mother doesn’t see any problem it is very difficult to try to help her.

As a child we could never find anything! I was frequently searching for the other sock, there was never a pen to hand, that form always went missing…Looking back, with so much stuff everywhere there was no wonder we could never find things! It was always our fault, mine and my sisters that is, we were messy children according to my mother and never put anything away after ourselves. Though we both left home a number of years ago now and things are worse not better..!

There are certain traits that I too find a problem, I hold onto things that might be useful, I collect freebies and I seem to have clothes in the wardrobe that I keep but don’t wear often. I am aware of how things can accumulate so I make a conscious effort to try to keep on top of things that we have outgrown or no longer need. The internet is great way to sell unwanted items and make a bit of extra cash as well. It can be time consuming to photograph items and load onto the internet, so set aside a certain amount of time everyday, once a week, whatever suits you. You don’t have to list everything in one go, add a couple of item each day. Some sites allow you to enter the bar code for DVDs, CDs and games, you will be given a price there and then and can even send them free. There are other sites that you can give away items that may be of use to others.

I hope that by regularly putting things together to sell, give away or throw away I will keep the clutter under control. A couple of weeks ago my mother reported that she has been to the tip and got rid of 5 printers, it is a start, but there is still some way to go!

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  1. Lauren Purdy says:

    Selling is really time consuming so does put people off getting rid of the things they no longer want. However, giving them away is much easier. You can sign up to and simply give your things away. Don’t do it for everything, if you think something is worth a considerable amount of money, then sell it. But items that no longer work – like those printers your mum threw out for example, they could have gone to someone who needed parts or think they can fix them (assuming they were broken). With Freecycle you don’t need to add photos, simply stick a post up per item or just one post for multiple. You don’t send them out, so no post office trips! They come and collect. Its good for the community, great for the environment and good for our own health to know we have done some good :)

    Lauren x

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