2013 has been the year I have properly started to get to grips with social media.  A bit late to the party maybe – but with Google making changes to how their search works together with the realisation that solely relying on one source for our web traffic was both naïve and poor business management, prompted me to get into action!  I am of course no expert, but I thought I would share six things I have learned along the journey, that might help any other mums starting out who want to harness the power of this effective online business strategy.

  1. Pick which platforms you want to work with and use them consistently and regularly.  If at first you feel you can only cope with one – choose the one you are most comfortable with and work with that.  You can add others as you become more confident and efficient with your time.   I use Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and am just starting to use Google+.  I get different benefits from each one – so all are worth considering.

  2. Social media is just that – be SOCIAL!  Share relevant articles, other people’s businesses, current news stories relevant to your industry, tips, other sites of interest for your audience and you will find that people will do the same for you.  I was told at a recent “twitter for business” workshop I attended, that your tweets should only be about 2/10 sales and promotion versus info/sharing/retweets etc.  Be a nice person – it will pay dividends!

  3. Educate yourself.  Go on a course, do your research on your chosen platforms – there is countless information on the net, and keep yourself up to date on how each one works, what is best practice etc.  Using social media badly can be as damaging to your business as using it well can be mind-blowingly effective.

  4. Facebook is a great place to share photos, special offers and promote competitions (be careful to check Facebook’s policy on competitions though first).  I recently held a sale on Facebook of some old stock we were discontinuing.  I set up a photo album showing what was available together with prices and within an hour of posting, every last item was sold!

  5. Pinterest is a great platform if you have a very visual business.  We have seen our traffic from this source rapidly increase over the last six months and compared to Twitter or Facebook, it is a lot less time consuming.

  6. Use scheduling and tools (there are tons – but this would be a whole new post!) to help you manage your social media campaigns.  It allows you to be consistent without spending all day on social networking.  HOWEVER, use them sensibly – I refer back to point 2 – it is very obvious who is just using scheduling and who is actually online and joining in the chat.

So there you have it –these tips are only scratching the surface of this massive topic but I hope they will give you a good starting point in this fast growing area of business promotion.

Anna Seager

Founder/Owner of Little Crab Designs

Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest | Google+

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