What do Tweenagers wear to Winter Parties?

I’m very pleased to have been invited to enter the Tesco Partywear Competition.  I’ve been given a voucher for £50 and invited to create a beautiful party look for my daughter and style it on the blog.

In many ways this is a great opportunity.  We absolutely love F&F clothes and shop there all the time.  My daughter was absolutely thrilled to receive this voucher and couldn’t wait to get started looking for clothes.

Howver the Partywear theme is a little bit difficult when you are in between tots and teens. My daughter at 10 is at an awkward age.  She has definitely outgrown the frilly pink party frock age, but I am not comfortable with some of the clothes that teenagers wear to parties  (definitely no heels and as few body parts on display as possible as far as I am concerned).  She is just starting to develop and is at that awkward age when each part of her body is developing at different rates and she doesn’t exactly feel comfortable in her own skin sometimes.  Left to her own devices she likes to cover up.

Also when I look at the types of parties she is getting invited to at the moment – she is more likely to be invited to go skating, or paintballing, or to a Guide campfire than she is to go to any event where a pretty frock would be appropriate.  As she is growing so fast and the clothes we buy now are only likely to last six months – we took the decision that we would dress her appropriately for a fireworks party with her friends – that way she will actually get some wear out of the clothes, and not just model them once.

We were really pleased with what we were able to get with our £50.  Even though we had to buy her boots from the adult department (she has size 6 1/2 feet), we were still less thn five pounds over the target (we were below the target until I found the gorgeous hat, which she has barely taken off since we bought it).

These are some of the items we chose:

tesco 1

 A cute black cardigan for winter nights

tesco 2

She couldn’t resist this raccoon tshirt


Leopard print trousers (and a scarf to match)


Gorgeous brown boots (I might borrow these myself….)

And here she is:

2013-11-21 16.32.13-1 (329x400)


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    Perfect outfit arrangement for winter party dress up. I really like that raccoon t-shirt pretty much and that boot is good as well. I’m looking forward to grab the same Gorgeous brown boots for myself also. Thanks.

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  7. laila says:


    A great choice, it swots her age, but it will be also good if you can add a touch of colors to the look

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  10. Ankita says:

    Perfect as per me. :)
    My child could never resist for this. Good for her. Thank you for sharing such a nice post.

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  15. Amanda Brian says:

    I loved your choice of a cute black cardigan for winter nights along with Gorgeous brown boots. My teenage girl will surely love having this winter party dress. Thanks for sharing this post.

  16. Patricia says:

    Her pants looks so cute. I will try F&F for my daughter, thanks for sharing!

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