Sleeping Tips for New Mums

As a new mum it can be difficult to get the quality of sleep you need every night, which can often make getting through each day even more of a challenge. Getting enough rest is important for both you and your baby – here are some sleeping tips to help you with your sleeping schedule.

sleeping tips

1. Make rest a priority

Don’t feel guilty about feeling tired – it is important for your body, mind and baby that you get the rest you need so that you can stay awake and alert during the day. Take regular 5-10 minute breaks to help keep you feeling energised throughout the day.

2. Eat healthily

Don’t rely on vast amounts of caffeine and stimulants to keep your eyes open during the day. Instead drink lots of water and try to eat healthily. Here is a quick and easy recip for ‘detox water’ which can help you to drink more throughout the day.

Regular, light exercise can also help boost your body’s energy levels as well as keep you smiling by naturally releasing endorphins for an extra feel good kick!

3. Give yourself time to wind down

Get into a bedtime routine that gives your mind and body time to settle down before you go to sleep. Whether it’s enjoying a bubble bath or even just some quiet time once your baby has gone to sleep will do wonders and are much better options than sitting in front of a computer screen or catching up with emails on your phone. Taking turns with your partner to put your baby down will also help free up some time for you to take a break.

4. Sleep on a comfortable surface

One way to improve your quality of sleep is by improving your quality of sleeping surface. There’s nothing worse than lying down on a hard or lumpy mattress that only makes you feel worse when you get up in the morning. Memory foam has been proven to offer a number of sleep benefits by allowing our body to completely relax as it distributes weight evenly, removing any pressure from the sensitive areas on our body and helping you to drift off to sleep easier.

5. Make your bedroom for sleep only

Be sure to keep your sleeping environment clean and clutter free so that your bedroom remains your sanctuary. If you do share your bedroom with your baby, try not to let their toys take over and instead assign another area within your home for playtime. Once your baby learns to sleep through the night you will soon be able to do the same, until then it’s important to nap when you can so that you and your baby can make the most of the time when you’re both awake!

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  1. Dylann says:

    Hi Debbie,

    We just love your site! My sister recently just gave birth and I can tell how exhausted she was throughout the day. I try to come over everyday and babysit my nephew for a while so she can grab a power nap or unwind a bit without having to worry about her baby. I’ll make her detox water when I come over tomorrow. Thanks, Debbie!

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