Your profile on Pinterest should be unique and interesting. It’s what is going to attract people to your boards and to the content you have to offer. Your profile is also going to attract the search engines, so it needs to be optimised as thoroughly as possible for web searches.

Keyword Optimising Your Profile

Start by choosing several good keywords that have high search volume and relevance to your business. Use these keywords throughout your profile wherever you can, but keep it natural. Write profile content that explains to visitors what your business is about, but try to slip in your targeted keywords here and there.

Place your main keyword as close as possible to the beginning of your description. This is how your profile will be indexed by search engines.

Your ‘About’ text is also very important. Although it should be short, try to include two or more targeted keywords. This field is the meta description that will show up in search engine results.

Your Profile Content

In your profile content, try to describe your business in as few words as possible. Keep in mind that people may just be skimming the text. You want to impart what your company is all about, even if visitors just take a quick look. Prominently feature what’s unique about your business.

Try to also include a call to action to get viewers to go to your website. Remember that your Pinterest profile is going to be driving traffic to your site. Tell people who visit your Pinterest profile what they will find when they click your link.

Be sure to fill out all of the profile fields completely. Each field is an opportunity to get both readers and search engines interested in your business. In addition, a profile that’s not completely filled out looks strange to viewers.

Profile Optimisation Tips

Probably the most important part of your profile is your profile picture. Remember that Pinterest is a visually-oriented site. Choose your brand’s logo or an image that’s consistent with your brand’s image. It should be clear to anyone who visits your Pinterest that it’s your business’s profile.

In your profile, link to your website, blog, and any other social media profiles you have. This helps you brand across platforms, letting visitors know that it’s your business’s profile they’re looking at. Linking with other sites will also increase your traffic to each.

Finally, make sure that you’re not hiding from search engines. There is a ‘hide’ option in your Settings that’s set as a default when you first sign up for Pinterest. Change this in your settings to “Off” before you go live.


First and foremost, Pinterest is a social media site. This means that the connections you make with other users are going to be just as valuable, if not more valuable, than anything you to do optimise your profile. Once your profile is up and running, get out there and interact with other users.

Action Steps

Step 1: Read your current profile and note changes needed.

Step 2: Rewrite your profile using the Pinterest Profile Checklist to make sure you’ve met all the criteria.

Step 3: Upload a new profile picture, if necessary.

Step 4: Add links to your social media accounts

Step 5: Make sure your “Hide” is set to “off” and save your new profile.


Have a look at my profile and tell me what you think

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