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Starting your own home based business is the most empowering, exciting and life-changing thing you can do. Earning a pay cheque that is really yours, being motivated about your work and actively doing something that you enjoy is something that all women should try. And the good newsis that today, in 2014, with the World Wide Web, social media and direct ordering – all things that we take for granted – it has never been easier to set up a home-based business. As long as you are aware of these four important considerations, that is.

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1. Direction

For everyone starting out, it is often the case that you jump behind the wheel without really knowing where you’re going, so to speak. Don’t do that. Think. Take a step back. Consider what you want your business to achieve and how you want to achieve it, and let this be the identifying factor when trying to figure just what your brand is. Write this down in large letters and stick these points up in front of your computer. This way, as you’re busy working away, building your empire, you have a constant reminder as to just what you’re building.

2. Know Your Market

The next thing every entrepreneur needs to do before even considering to launch a business is to study the market. Know what you’re getting into, study how other start-ups are faring and learn the overall tone of the market. One of the exciting side-effects of our modern, ultra-connected world is that every company now has a competitor. No matter how niche, no matter how ground-breaking, there are similar things out there. Don’t be arrogant and think your product or service is unique – there are always people you can learn from.

3. Delegate

The next important factor in establishing a successful home-based business is simple: Delegate. No matter in what form this comes in, no matter to whom you give it, the only thing that matters is you give yourself some time to concentrate on other things, and delegate responsibilities to those who can help. This can be a big problem when starting a business as the project will quickly become like another child, a child you must protect and nurture. Don’t let this hold you back, however, as inspiration will come from some of the strangest places – and the strangest people.

4. Learn a Little of the Law

The final factor can prove to be the most crucial at certain times. Familiarising yourself with the legal requirements of your business before you begin will avoid your progress being disrupted when you realise you’ve made an error somewhere down the road. Whether that be understanding basic tax law, the legal requirements of producing certain goods, or knowing the legal parameters in which you are allowed to competitively operate, knowing a little of the law that is relevant to you will make things a lot easier as your business grows. In fact, a brief consultation with a reputable law firm, such as Coles for Business, might be a wise move before beginning any major ventures – especially in regards to contracts, terms and conditions and business insurance.

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Just don’t rush this process, as this can end up being the most crucial period of your life. What you do before starting your business will shape the subsequent running of it, so be mindful, don’t get caught up in the moment, and consider the above. Good luck!

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