Buying your first home as a family can be intimidating; you may need more space, or to be in a safer neighbourhood, whatever your reasons, making a house feel like home takes work, especially making it feel like a family home. Do not worry, however, it’s not impossible, with a few tips you will be under way in no time, ready to love your family and love your home.

How to make a house feel like home – by Shutterstock

1. Photos

The most personal aspect of all homes is undoubtedly the pictures; making an empty building feel like your own personal home can sometimes be as easy as hanging a few of your favourite photos of friends and family. They will be great conversation starters when entertaining guests as well a good way to fill large open wall space.

2. Memories

Decorating your house with a few memories of your time together will help you feel less like strangers in your home. Raising a family in a home that is full of sweet reminders of the good times you have spent together will create fond memories within the house itself. Nothing says home like the seashell photo frame you made in Spain.

3. Guests

Use your house for entertaining. Making a place feel like home means having all your loved ones in one place; as often as you can invited family and friends round to see the space and start to create new memories in new home and you’ll find yourself feeling cosy and warm in no time.

4. Insurance

When you first buy a house it becomes your pride and joy. Investing in insurance from a company like More Than will make sure that all your hard work in making a house a home is not lost in an accident. Embrace you rfamily life and protect the things you love, including the contents of your house, and you will find your home feeling more and more precious as the days go by.

It may be scary moving into a new house but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t love it the way you love a home. The few easy steps should help you form that attachment to the space and create the family home you’ve always dreamed of.

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