With new start ups it’s important to get the right type of financial advice from the beginning. Making the wrong choices early on in a business could lead to major problems further down the line. Professional advice is always the best type of guidance, but there are a number of different sources you can opt for.


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Whether you go to a qualified accountant, check out one of the online blogs or speak to local businesses at networking events or conferences: they can all be valuable sources of information for a new company.


Often businesses think they can go without an accountant to start with and that it will be cheaper and easier to deal with the financial side themselves. However, with start ups there is a huge amount to deal with, and sometimes areas of finance can be overlooked. Hiring an accountant could be a cost effective move and may even end up saving you money. They can provide a range of financial advice and enable you to establish more efficient processes. Accountants, such as The Peloton, can provide tax planning and advice, as well as strategic planning information and help you develop your goals.

Money blogs

The internet is awash with financial blogs, with many people thinking they can provide expert advice to small businesses. However, this doesn’t always mean that this financial advice is accurate or targeted at your particular business. As a start up you need to be extremely careful about where you gather your information from. If you’re new to this area, then it’s best to stick with blogs run by professional companies or organisations, including accountants or financial providers. They will undoubtedly have a team of in-house experts who are qualified in specific areas. Therefore, the information provided in their blogs is likely to be more reliable and trustworthy.

Other businesses

For start ups, networking with other local businesses can have many advantages. Not only is it a good way of marketing the company, it is also a helpful method of gathering information and advice on a range of different issues. These are people who’ve been in your situation before and understand the pitfalls and complications. If you don’t know any other business people, then research some local networking events that are either general or aimed at your specific industry. You can also search through online forums, as these are a good way of gathering contacts from across the country that might be able to provide you with just the right advice.


Business conferences are a great place to find lots of like-minded companies all in one location. There are often trade shows attached to these conferences, where useful services, such as accountants and financial providers, are available to talk through your questions. There will also be guest speakers, so you should research the schedule and attend all those that are relevant or might be useful. The Federation of Small Businesses runs an annual conference and there are also plenty of regional conferences that you could attend.

If business start ups receive the right financial advice at the start they are more likely to be successful. With large numbers still failing in the early days, it’s even more important to get the basics in place from the very beginning.


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