In this post Copywriting expert Sam Thewlis talks about pitching the *right* message to your customers.


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You may think I am barmy. There are many who might agree with you. In this instance however, I am not completely barking- there IS a method to my madness.

Copywriting covers lots of things, but at the most basic level is anything you write in respect of your business, and sometimes you only have a few words, or a couple of lines to get your message across.

But what message are you conveying? Are you telling people what you want them to know about your business, or are you telling them what they want to know? A subtle but important difference.

Let me give you an example. One of my ‘products’ is writing website copy for people. I happen to think I’m pretty good at it. If I was telling you about my product I might say:

    • Your site will sound more professional
    • There won’t be any spelling mistakes
    • I can rearrange your content to make it sound better


All these things are valid, and genuinely apply to my product, but, let’s face it, they aren’t very exciting. And nor do they tell my customer what they want to know. My customer wants to know what my product can do for them:

    • Maximise your SEO visibility with keyword enriched copy- getting YOU more visitors
    • Portray a professional image so site visitors stay, look around, and BUY
    • Provide compelling sales copy so your customers can’t help but SPEND MONEY


So don’t try and get your message across to your customers, get their message to them!

What are your favourite pieces of advice for copywriting?



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