On paper I am exactly the type of person that the Gousto service is aimed at.  We are a family of 4, and the children are older and really enjoy their food.  I really enjoy cooking too (when I get the time) but in reality both my husband and I are very short of time, and the children are also snowed under with homework, extra-curricular activities and an amazing social life which puts my own to shame.

So you would imagine then that choosing four lovely meals from a great selection, and having somebody bring the wonderful fresh organic ingredients, pre-weighed, to your door , so that all you have to do is cook them, would be a godsend for people like me.  And so it is, in theory.

When the Gousto box arrived for me to review I was very excited.  It arrived on time and everything was as it should be. The box itself is great, and the wool packaging for the fresh ingredients is a genius idea.

Gousto Gousto

Inside the box were four recipe cards and all the ingredients I needed. Each of the ingredients was beautifully packaged, including the eggs, which came in individual pots wrapped up with straw.

2015-10-23 15.50.15 2015-10-23 15.47.53 2015-10-23 15.44.05 2015-10-23 15.40.24

Everything was beautifully labelled and very clear – Gousto do portion sizes for 2 in many cases, so I got quite a few packets doubled up to suit 4 portions.

Thankfully I learned a lesson from the last time I reviewed a box like this, and I put all the meat ingredients that weren’t for that night into the freezer. I have realised that sometimes the concept of home cooking every night for four nights is a bit too much for the way our family works.

But once I had packed the contents of three recipes away, I dived in straight away and made the spicy chicken ciabatta burgers:

2015-10-23 17.04.19 2015-10-23 17.16.16

And very tasty they were too.  I liked the runny mayonnaise sauce on the salad and the herby potatoes.  I may have changed the seasoning on the chicken a little bit but nobody complained.

Sadly for me and this review this is where it all started to unravel.  I did make the prawn linguine, but my children refused to have the courgettte in it. It was delicious though….

The leeks for the Glamorgan patties got turned into leek and potato soup when I wasn’t looking and the delicious cheese portions found their way into lunchboxes or were consumed as snacks by fridge-raiding children

And the poor neglected pork chops are still in the freezer waiting to be used, waiting for the next night when all four of us are together to eat. I’m sure they will be delicious and I will try to follow the original instructions, but the original accompanying vegetables have now been eaten with other things.

If you like to cook and eat organic healthy food then try the Gousto delivery service

So in conclusion, if yours is an organised household and you like to cook and eat organic healthy food then the Gousto service would be ideal for you.  I have no fault whatsoever with the recipes, the ingredients, the delivery and the overall service.

My own household sadly, leaves a bit to be desired on the organisation front right now, and I’m afraid we didn’t get the full benefit from the box.  But one of these days I will be back and I promise to do it properly this time

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