Track your weight loss progress with the Ribbon Test and say goodbye to the scales.

Today marks the start of the Thinking Slimmer Beach Body Bootcamp, and I am going to be in there with all the other podders doing my best to shed a pound or two before summer.

But one thing I won’t be doing is weighing myself obsessively over this time, and here is why…. The scales can be so discouraging when you are trying to lose weight. Sandra Roycroft-Davis of Thinking Slimmer has blogged about this at length

Don’t trust your scales

Don’t be a slave to the Scales

No more. It strikes me that if your goal is to have your body look a certain way and to get into certain clothes, then your way of measuring should be based on the physical shape of your body and not about its weight.

Your waist should be half your height

A study at City University concluded that the best way to attain good health is to have a waist measurement that is less than half of your height.

So what better way to judge your progress than by plotting the size of your waist over time.  And, if you don’t want to focus in on the numbers (or if you don’t want anyone else to see them) then the ribbon test is a great visual aid for you. First of all you measure your waist and your height, and then you keep taking photos to show your progress.

The Ribbon Test

You will need

  • a pencil
  • a piece of string at least as tall as you are
  • a pretty piece of ribbon
  1. Measure your height against the wall with a pencil, and cut a pice of string to that length.  You don’t have to know the exact numbers of your height. – (this is mine, plotted on the childre
    n’s height chart)IMG_0677.
  2. Measure around your waist with the ribbon and cut it to the exact size of your waist.  My definition of waist is the smallest part you can find around your middle, but you can use whichever bit you like as long as you are consistent.ribbon test.
  3. Fold the piece of string in half and lay it on a table – then lay the ribbon alongside it and compare them.  Your health is good if the ribbon is shorter than the string (I still have a way to go!)
  4. After a few weeks of your weight loss programme try the ribbon round your waist again.  With any luck you will have a bit of an overlap and you will be able to take a really good picture to show your progress.2015-04-04 08.12.14


And there you have it – the ribbon test is a really simple way to track your weight loss progress without obsessing over numbers (or sharing them with anyone.


If you want to join in the Slimpod Summer Body Boost Bootcamp then please purchase your Slimpod from the Thinking Slimmer store and come and join us in the Slimpod Club Facebook group. Or enter my giveaway before 7 May to win a Slimpod Gold programme







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