Whether you own your own business or you have a successful professional career in a company, it’s no mean achievement to juggle your work and family life effectively. One part of your life always seems to encroach on the other and more often than not, it can feel as though you can never give each part your full attention.

You may have read self-help books and received advice from other working mums but have you ever considered what your children could teach you about juggling your workload?

Here are the top 3 things that we believe your toddler can teach you:

  1. Knowing When To Throw A Tantrum

    You may not appreciate it too much when your toddler throws a tantrum in the middle of the supermarket but you can’t deny that it can be an effective stunt to pull!

    A toddler will throw a tantrum when they want something… really want something and although they may not always get it, do you think they would carry on throwing tantrums if it never worked? Of course not.

    It’s probably not a good idea to actually start screaming and shouting but when it comes to having time off work, it is okay to make it very clear what you want.

    Whether you’re dealing with demanding clients or your boss, making it clear what you want and following this up will increase your chances of getting your own way.

    BE CAREFUL: do not do this often. The more you do it, the less effective it will be so only ‘throw a tantrum’ when it’s something that you’re serious about.

  2. Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

    Do you ever see a toddler getting stressed about a toy that’s out of place or a stain on their trousers? They enjoy the most important things in life and if something goes wrong, they’re off and have forgotten about it in a matter of minutes.

    If you find yourself getting ever more stressed then you need to take a leaf out of your toddler’s book; if you don’t sweat the small stuff, you’ll have more time to enjoy the most important things.

  3. Enjoy Your Playtime!

    Your toddler’s playing happily in the living room with their favourite toy; do you think that s/he’s worrying about the toy that they lost last week? We’re going to guess that they’re probably not.

    Obviously the problems that weigh on your mind are considerably more serious and not as easily forgotten but enjoying your downtime with your family is absolutely essential. You work hard so you should play hard too.


    toddler teach you

    Before bedtime is the perfect time to enjoy some quality time with your children and forget about work. You and your kids can put on your comfy pyjamas, get out your favourite family game and really enjoy your playtime.

    Put your work out of your mind and give your family your full attention. As you put your toddler to bed, you’ll be glad you did.


This article was written by Jennifer Griffiths, a very busy working mum with two young toddlers. She recommends settling your kids down to your family game in a pair of Mini Vanilla toddler’s pyjamas and you can enjoy comfy PJ bottoms from Vanilla Park.


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