What does a tall 11 year old wear for Halloween? Morphsuits saved the day for us this year…

My son is at that awkward age and size.  In his first year at secondary school and starting that transition into a six foot beanpole, he is a little bit big for many of the fancy dress costumes that smaller boys wear, but not really old enough to transform himself into something truly horrific.

Added to that he was invited to a child’s Halloween birthday party as a ‘grown up’ helper. The host was his 8 year old cousin Charlie and the guests ranged in age from 4-9.  So he didn’t want to be too scary, but still to join in with the Halloween spirit.

Two years ago I made him a Minecraft  Enderman costume out of a cardboard box and he loved it.  But it didn’t fit comfortably any more, and would make running about with the children a bit difficult.

Thankfully I was asked by the lovely people at Morphsuits to review one of their beautiful costumes.  I ordered the large size kids Slenderman tuxedo costume, and it fitted my 5 foot 6  no-longer-little man perfectly.

The costume was perfect.  The young children thought he was amazing and very funny, and some of the adults were a bit unnerved by him, which made the children laugh even louder.

Eoin reports that when you are wearing a Morphsuit you can still see quite well and can also breathe OK. The Morphsuits website reckons you can drink through it too, although as the drinks on offer had a blood red theme we didn’t try that one.

On the website it says that the large sized kids Morphsuit is for height up to 4 foot 6, but as I said it fitted my 5 foot 6 son very well (although it has to be said he is on the skinny side). The kids suit is £18.99 whereas mens Slenderman morphsuits start from £35.99, so I’m glad the child one was OK.

The Morphsuits website has a huge range of Halloween costumes for every age of child from 2-99.  Mine came very quickly after I ordered it so you should still be in time for your weekend Halloween parties if you order one now.


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