Some of you may know that I run and moderate the Blogging Mums Club group on Facebook. If you haven’t seen it yet and you run a blog as part of your business then please do go over and take a look.

The. Blogging Mums Club started out about 8 years ago as a Facebook pod for me and a couple of blogging friends to support each other’s posts, but I set it up as a public group and now it has more than 4,000 blogging members, with more joining every day.

In 2019 I’ve really put some work into revitalising the group, and now we have a vibrant community of mum bloggers from around the world, sharing each other’s posts and sharing tips and advice too.

Introducing the Blogging Mums Club conference

And so now I’ve decided to take things to the next level and hold a blogging conference. But this is a conference with a difference – it’s not the sort of conference that you have to pay big ticket prices for, travel overnight and find childcare for. 

No, the Blogging Mums Club conference will be entirely online, so you can get blogging advice and inspiration from the experts without leaving your living room.

The conference will run for 8 days from 23 -30 September, and as I write this, I have 30 inspirational talks booked from 18 different speakers. Take a look below for an idea of just some of the subjects that we will be covering.

There are two ways you can sign up to attend this conference

1: Free Pass

Sign up for free now and select the talks that you are interested in. You will be reminded to attend those talks, and can watch them for free on the day they take place and for 3 days afterwards

2: All Access Pass

For a one-off payment of just $19 now (this price will be increasing as the conference approaches), you can receive notifications of all of the talks, and reminders when they are about to start. You will have access to all the conference videos as they take place and for up to one year after the conference has ended.

You will have access to a secret Blogging Mums Conference Facebook group where from September the speakers may be giving away freebies, running Q&A sessions and so on. This will also be a great place to network , ask questions and grow your blog

In addition, when you purchase one of our conference passes, you will receive a link which you can use to share the conference with your friends, and receive a 50% affiliate fee if your friend buys a pass too. So if you buy a pass and invite 2 paying friends, then your conference ticket is essentially free.

I’m promoting this conference now, because I know it won’t be long before you all go off on your summer holidays with the children, and forget all about blogging for a while. We all know how quickly the holidays come around once half term is finished, and how exhausting this half of term is with sports days, exams, school trips, and who knows what else.

So yes, I know you – if I wait until July or August to promote this, then you will have no time at all to look at it and commit yourself, and you will miss out because you have too much else going on.

But if you are the type of person who always comes back from the holidays in September with a renewed passion and enthusiasm for your blog, and a renewed resolution that this will be the year when you make it big, then this conference will be perfect for you.

Sign up now, tell your friends to come too, and then go away and have fun for the summer. When the kids are back in school and normality returns, we will be there to remind you, educate and entertain you, and guide you to make your blog the best thing ever in the coming year

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