About Me and Mum’s the Boss

Hi, my name is Debbie O’Connor.

Debbie O'Connor

I’ve been a stay at home mum since I became pregnant with my daughter in 2002.  I have done voluntary work, a little bit of part time work and I have also run a portfolio of home businesses.

I started blogging back in 2010, and I added Mum’s the Boss to my business portfolio in 2012. During this time I have taught myself digital marketing and social media pretty much from scratch and now I want to share what I have learned with you, and help you get started in your business.



So what is happening at Mum’s the Boss now?

Now that my children are both in secondary school, I have a little bit more time, and I want to share my time and experience with other mums who are trying to make the home business model work.

I am putting together a package of services, which currently includes

  • business mentoring
  • digital marketing and social media services,
  • virtual assistant support,
  • PR coaching and support
  • web design, website updating and hosting

Some of these services will be offered by me, and some by my carefully chosen partners.  I will be adding more services to the list as I form more trusted partnerships, so that I can provide the full range of everything that a home business owner needs to support them in their growth and success.

You can contact me to discuss this (or anything else)

by email : debbie@mumstheboss.co.uk

Twitter @mumstheboss

Facebook: @mumstheboss

Instagram @mumsthebossblog

Pinterest @mumsthebossblog

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