Well we did have fun with the BOGO offers during Black Friday week, even if some of them did sell out too quickly.

Thank you to all my customers who bought while the special offers were on. It’s always a shame when the special offers end isn’t it?

Even when it’s an American import like Black Friday, which does annoy me just a teensy bit, I’ve got to admit we Brits still love a bargain.

Not just another Monday, this is Cyber Monday

Well there is another American import which is related to Black Friday – called Cyber Monday.

Where Black Friday is traditionally the day after Thanksgiving when Americans take the day off work and hit the sales in person, Cyber Monday is the day when they are all officially back at work, but instead they continue to do their sale shopping online….

The Offers Continue…..

DoTERRA Head office only gave us special deals for Black Friday week, but I have decided to do something extra special for Cyber Monday too, by adding some extra bits on to the November joining promotion.

Share a Drop November promotion - part of my Cyber Monday package

Free Business Builder Package

I am trialling some premium business builder packages, which I will be offering to my new team members at a cost yet to be decided, starting next year.

But in order to test out the concept, I am going to give this package away for free for up to 5 people who join my team using the November Share a Drop joining offer.


doTerra oils Family Essentials kit

So let’s revisit this offer – what do you have to do?

  • In November, you have to join my team as a Wellness Advocate, taking an Enrolment kit like the Family Essentials kit,
  • In December you have to join the Loyalty Rewards Program and place a 100PV order. You can cancel the LRP after this if you want to,

What will doTERRA give you?

  • DoTERRA will give you 50 product points (PV) which you can spend in January on doTERRA prducts of your choice
  • They will also give you 10% of the PV of your December order plus PV equivalent to the shipping cost in product points which you can spend in February. 1PV point is roughly equivalent to £1
  • So your LRP order in December essentially has free shipping and is 10% less than wholesale price

What will I give you?

This is the new bit and is just being offered by me and not by any of the other doTERRA representatives

  • If you join using the offer above, I will give you a free Petal Diffuser after your qualifying December order has processed. The Family Essentials kit is a great kit but it has no diffuser so I will buy you onePetal diffuser

    Then I will help you set your business up, as follows:

  • You will have access to my four week introduction to doTERRA course with four one to one consultations if you want them
  • We will have a session on branding, finding your niche and doing doTERRA your way.  I will discuss with you what you are doing currently, and all the different ways in which you can sell doTERRA products, and we will figure out what combination of sales techniques will work for you and how you can integrate doTERRA into your current setup.
  • If appropriate, I will help you set up a WordPress website and blog  and train you how to use it – I will do this for any business that you are currently running – not necessarily just focusing on your doTERRA business. I will ask you to buy the domain name and pay for hosting but I will provide a premium theme and set up the site for you
  • We will discuss the different social media platforms and which are most appropriate for you, given your marketing strategy. I will help you set up your profile on each and give you some pointers how to use them
  • I will give you access to some free third party training courses covering Attraction Marketing techniques and Social Media Recruiting. The company I use also provides great training which you can pay for, which I thoroughly recommend but it is optional
  • I will introduce you to several really good Facebook communities focusing on doTERRA, essential oils in general and business building


So, this offer is open to anybody who is happy to spend approximately £200 on doTERRA products split between November and December. You must place the first Enrolment order of 100PV or more before the end of November to qualify for this.

I will do this for you and your business even if your main business is not doTERRA and you are only buying the products for your own use or to give to people as gifts.

This package may become part of my core Mum’s the Boss offering, for doTERRA folks and other mums who run businesses – but I just want to test it first

If you would like to take advantage of this generous offer, this is what you have to do.

Go to MydoTERRA.com/JoinandSave

> Select Wellness Advocate

> Enter your details and make sure the Sponsor number is 4441713

> Select the Family Essentials Enrollment kit (or a bigger one if you want it)

> Pay for the kit and wait for it to arrive.  I will be in touch with what you need to do in December as soon as I get notification of your  November order

I know that there are quite a few people who are considering this right now.  Please do not wait – take advantage of this offer while it stands.

I do not know what joining offer doTERRA will be offering next month, but I do know that I will give no more than 5 of these business builder packages for free – once I have trialled them and got some successful case histories I will be selling this service not giving it away.

I look forward to welcoming you aboard – click the link below and you can sign up right now



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