Growing up Book Review: Help your Kids with Growing Up -

I was sent a copy of this lovely book to review, Help your kids with Growing Up. It came at the absolute perfect time …

Building a Business: Should you use your Facebook Profile or a Page? -

Facebook can be a bit confusing when you first start a business. We all know about  personal Facebook profiles, sure, but what about pages?  What’s the difference between them, and more importantly which one should you be using to build your business?

Family Games Night: Review of Colt Express -

This month I’ve become a member of the Blogger Board Game Club, and that means I’m going to be reviewing one board game a month for the next year.  This month, we have been playing Colt Express.

Bounce network: Life insurance How to afford Life Insurance as a Home Business Owner -

Today I was talking to representatives from Bounce Network, who sell a life insurance product that seems to give back more in discounts, bonuses and benefits, than you pay in premiums.  Is this too good to be true? I took a closer look…

helen Chaldicott of Phoenix Trading Mumpreneur profile: Helen Chaldicott of Phoenix Trading -

Here is another one in my regular series about mums in business and what they do.  Today I’m interviewing Helen Chaldicott of Phoenix Trading

Mums the Boss