accounting tasks Clever Accounting Ideas for Busy Working Parents -

Short of waving a magic wand and conjuring 30 hours in a day, there’s always a pressing need to use time more efficiently and get more done.

Accounting tasks are all too easy to push to the back burner, but that only creates a bigger mountain to climb in the future. Staying on top of basic bookkeeping needn’t be a huge chore with these timesaving ideas.

Business networking The formula for business networking success -

In this article, Heather Townsend, based on the research for ‘The Financial Times Guide To Business Networking’, talks about how the best networkers use four ingredients to create new business via their network.

Mobile Fun Review of Obliq iPhone case from Mobile Fun -

The very nice people from Mobile Fun sent me an Obliq Skyline Advance case for my phone.  This is what I made of it.

energy bar Homemade Energy bar recipe -

A lovely protein packed energy bar with oats, nuts and dried fruit that you can make at home.  this is just yummy…..

bad day 5 Things You Must NOT Do If You’re Having a Bad Day -

Let’s face it, we ALL have a bad day from time to time. Sometimes it’s a Bad Parenting Day, when your children are testing you to the limits or you know you handled a situation badly. Or it might be as simple as a Bad Image Day, when you hate the way you look, none of your clothes fit and you can’t do a thing with your hair! Added to this, if you run your own business, then you are bound to have days when it all gets on top of you – maybe you lose a pitch, your supplier lets you down, your internet connection is flaky, your cashflow is dire, or you simply don’t have the energy or the enthusiam to carry on.

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