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Review and giveaway: TOAD Diaries

I was contacted by the lovely people at TOAD diaries. They produce a great range of personalised diaries and notebooks in all sizes and with plenty of customisation options. Are you a pen and paper person or do you like to keep your diary online? I do have a digital...

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A Mumpreneur is born Part 6

Is this the final chapter of my mumpreneur story?  Is anybody still reading?  I'll never know! So, let's go back to the start.  I decided not to go back to work so I was an NCT postnatal leader and signed up with Usborne books. Then I trained to be a personal trainer...

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A Mumpreneur is born: part 5 – moving into profit

This is part 5 of my mumpreneur story - the earlier parts are here.... part 1, part 2, part3, part 4  As I  came to the end of my PT training I felt a bit backed into a corner - I had spent all my available money on training for something that I didn't feel right to...

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