Panda Father’s Day Card


Cute Panda Father’s Day card by Mum’s the Boss printed by WeAllSendCards

You can personalise it with text of your choice on the front and text and images inside, and send it straight to the recipient from the printer, or you can send it to yourself wrapped in cellophane and hand write and deliver it.

Cute panda Fathers Day Card with three children

The card is printed on sustainable paper with eco friendly ink, and can be posted first class the same day if you order before 1pm.

It is available in Standard card size for £2.69 or A5 size for £2.95 plus postage. There are also versions with one or two children showing.

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Cute panda Fathers Day Card showing three children

This Father has his hands full with three sparky little children who want to make his day the best it can possibly be!

This card can be personalised on the inside with photos of your children or even photos of their art or handprints.




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