The Power of Mindfulness – Ebook

Here is Mindfulness in Action –  I’ll reduce your stress right now.  If you already know you want to buy the Power of Mindfulness ebook for $9 and you haven’t got time to read the long stressy sales page, then press this button and go straight to the... read more

Mums in the Middle Group – launching October 2018

Welcome to Mums in the Middle – a community for mums who are running it all launching October 2018 Modern mums can have it all, so they tell us. We have jobs, careers, businesses. We have a huge amount of choice as to how our children are raised and educated,... read more

Mum’s the Boss Guide to Clean Eating

FINALLY, SIMPLE NUTRITION ADVICE Special Report Reveals  How To Finally Lose the Weight (and Keep It Off), Beat Chronic Disease, and Slow Down Time… … All by simply practicing a specific way of eating that big food companies hate  Guess what?... read more

10 Day Attraction Marketing Bootcamp

Would you like prospects to come to you instead of you chasing them all the time? That’s the basis of Attraction Marketing. Take a look at this 10 day free Attraction Marketing Bootcamp My Attraction Marketing Bootcamp is provided in affiliation with Elite... read more

Social Media Management Action Plan – Free Content

Social Media Management Action Plan   You can find out more about putting together a plan by looking at my presentation on Social Media management on Slideshare Alternatively, if you would like some personal tips as to how to devise a Social media strategy for your... read more

Lose weight without dieting with Slimpod

Take a look at Slimpod from Thinking Slimmer Do you want to stop dieting? Stop obsessing about food? Stop craving sweet things? Well, you can – and it will take you just NINE minutes a day of relaxed listening to transform your eating habits. Thousands of people... read more