Now you can enjoy losing weight the diet-free way

ARE you fed up with the drudgery of constantly watching what you eat? Would you prefer a weight loss method that can give you a lasting lifestyle change and make you feel great?

Imagine how good you’d feel without the frustration of your weight going up and down like a yo-yo. Or the misery of feeling hungry and deprived.



Welcome to the Slimpod, the ground-breaking weight loss programme that’s proven to work in clinical trials. The technique has been successfully used in Harley Street for nearly 15 years and now the experts at Thinking Slimmer are able to offer it online at a fraction of the cost.

So you can buy with confidence and peace of mind, all Thinking Slimmer products come with a 100 per cent money-back guarantee (T&Cs apply).




Slimpods cost £29.99 with no hidden extras and are available as instant downloads or on CD.

If you buy two or more products, you get an immediate £10 cashback discount. Buy three and you save £20!



With a Slimpod you listen to a special 10-minute recording for 10 minutes a day (on CD or as an instant MP3 download) and as you relax its soothing voice gently retunes your mind to have a new relationship with food and exercise.

It’s not a diet and there’s no calorie counting, no shakes, pills or special foods – and no willpower needed. The powerful unconscious mind nudges you in the right direction.




Within a few weeks thousands of Slimpod users find they’re eating less, feeling full quicker, making better choices and becoming more active – the perfect lifestyle change for lasting weight loss.

Slimpods have been used and endorsed by a senior NHS consultant, who reported the effects to be

“profound and positively life-changing.”




You can see the full range of Slimpods at and read and listen to success stories and testimonials.





At last , losing weight can be easy and enjoyable. Let a slimpod help you lose weight without dieting or willpower and get your inner sparkle back now.