Todays post comes from our Inspiration Guru Susan Odev. Susan is a writer, trainer, performer & co-author of Mum Ultrapreneur, and she’s on a mission is to inspire all Mums (& Dads)to be the very best they can in business.  In this post Susan talks about tapping into your inner ‘muse’ for creative inspiration.

Sitting down to write the first of a series of monthly guest blogs for Mums the Boss was quite a daunting task. I struggle with ideas for my own site and associated newsletters, ebook and workshop materials but at least they are all related to my core business and I have a plan in mind. This is outside my comfort zone but that’s the challenge. Life is about pushing the cushions that surround you and having a jolly good stretch!

I promised Mum’s The Boss something “inspiring”. No pressure there then. So tea in hand I open a new document and start hitting the keypad. Into my head pops a long forgotten ditty by a songstress from the 1970s Tina Charles.

Tina is now 56 and her era of disco was probably stomped under the heels of the power-suited 80s before most of you reading this were even born. But let me tell you Tina knocked out some cracking disco tunes in her hey day. She spent an incredible 42 weeks in the UK singles chart in 1976 with hits like: Dr. Love, Dance Little Lady Dance and the infamous I Love To Love (But My Baby Just Wants to Dance). Check them all out on YouTube – you will not be disappointed.

She didn’t have Cheryl Cole’s dance moves nor her size zero figure but this “Little Lady” could sing! Yet still it’s been a long time since I’d heard any of her songs so why now?

The words of the tune in my head go like this:

I’ll go where your music takes me
Where your rhythm makes me
That’s where my destiny
It’s gonna be

It didn’t take long before I’d changed the words in my head to “I’ll go where the muse it takes me” and – viola – I have an idea for the blog!


In Greek mythology there are between three and nine Muses – thanks to Wikipedia I am now really confused – but basically they were the daughters of Zeus and they went to poets and artists to inspire them and enable them to use their talents to the benefit of humankind. According to poet and “law-giver” Solon  “the Muses were the ‘key to the good life’, since they brought both prosperity and friendship”.

Since writing the book Mum Ultrapreneur I have had many women come up to me and say I want to start my own business, I’ve read your book and I’m all fired up I just don’t know what to do!

I say stop asking and start listening!

Listen to that inner voice and look for the clues all around you. Maybe the Muses are talking to you through songs on the radio or in your head? Or are they screaming at you from the TV, or the super-market shelves, or a half-heard conversation at the school gate?.

The luscious Tina Charles recorded that song back in 1978. I was 13! I probably have never had reason to recall that song since until I needed to hear it today.

Decide that you want to set up in business and then listen to the voices. Others may think you are mad because they cannot hear the voices, but then the Muses are not talking to them they are talking to you!

 It’s your ‘destiny’ . You must follow your ‘music’. Go where the ‘rhythm‘ takes you and ….

“Dance Little Lady Dance”

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