Today’s blog post is from our resident Copywriting expert Sam Thewlis, who starts off with the basics of why you might need to hire a professional copywriter to help your business.

Why would I need a Copywriter? It is a simple enough question- most people can read and write so why would your business want to spend money on using a copywriter when you can just do it yourself for nothing?

The answer is also simple.  Different people have different skills and while what you would write may be perfectly adequate, surely you want your business to be great?

Good copy makes the difference between people not noticing your business and a potential sale. For example good webcopy, ie the words people read on your site, must be interesting enough to hold people’s attention, give them the relevant information they need, and tell them how or where to part with their cash. In addition, optimising the text for SEO purposes, by unobtrusively lacing the text with keywords, will make sure you have more visitors to your website to be wooed by your wonderful words.


For many businesses, their website is their primary way of attracting customers, and therefore revenue and whilst a professional looking site from a web design point of view is important, so is what you actually say. The longer you can keep people on your site, the more likely they are to purchase, so here are some quick tips for what you should be aiming for in your website copy.

1. Don’t make it too long. Visitors are not going to scroll down through pages and pages of text. If you have a lot to say, put it on separate pages.

2. Get straight to the point. Web visitors have an annoying tendency to click on and click off in the blink of an eye. You need to hit them with the reason they should stay straightaway.

3. Use keywords in your text, but don’t go overboard. A widget business selling widgets in the widget industry who is a member of the widget association of widget sellers may be keyword dense, but it sounds silly.

4. Refresh your content. Search engines like to see updated content, so if you can add a blog or useful articles to your site, it not only adds interest to your customers but also keeps it fresh.

5. Outsource. Investigate whether getting a specialist copywriter to revamp your site, who will probably charge between £30 and £75 a page, is going to be more effective and cost effective than toiling away at it yourself for hours and hours and hours. Save yourself the dreaded writers block….


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