Are you looking for a way to work that fits around your family? Like to do what you love AND reach your personal/professional goals, dreams and ambitions? You need a portfolio career.

Have you ever thought about the myriad of skills you have gained throughout your life that have got you to where you are right now? Then once you’ve thought about them, did you know there is a way that you can utilise all or some of them, AND do what you love to do in your OWN time?

portfolio career

It’s called a portfolio or lifestyle career. As the title says your career contains a portfolio or display of qualities, skills and strengths that you have developed and mastered over a period of time. But not forgetting there are valuable skills in your portfolio from the hobbies and favourite pastimes you also participate in. Just imagine where your hobbies could take you?

Are you thinking “How can I fit this around my children?” Before you take the step into a making your portfolio career really work for you, you should carefully consider whether you are suited to this flexible, lifestyle type of working. A portfolio career is something that fits how you live, what your strengths are, and how you choose to derive an income from one or more different strands.

Worried about income? Portfolio careers, once established can and do create a balance of income as you get some from each type of work you do.

A portfolio career for an individual may consist of administration, training, and part time dog walking. This brings together this individual’s passions and suit their lifestyle and personality. It may allow for greater creativity and improved focus, through shorter periods of work on projects, spaced throughout their working week.

Across the globe, portfolio careers are really taking off. Individuals from all walks of life and levels of employment are realising that this is the way forward for them. These people are doing what they love to do, when it suits them, and are producing excellent work for those they work for. Is it your time to make your portfolio career happen?

Recommended reading: “And What Do You Do – 10 Steps to Creating a Portfolio Career” (2009) by Barrie Hopson and Katie Ledger.

Written by Gail Gibson of True Expressions

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